The experience of many Jews from Muslim countries

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    Dina grew up in Alexandria, Egypt completely unaware of her Jewish heritage. Her parents named her "Rolin Abdallah" to hide her Jewish background and never toldher who she really was.

    One day 5 masked men invaded their home. They called them "Jews" and shot at Dina's cousin and her brother. Soon, the grandfather brought the family all together and told them they were Jews -- and they had to leave Egypt.

    "We didn’t take anything with us except our clothes. We just left our house exactly as it was. On that same day I saw how my friends were looking at us while we were packing our things, so I just closed the blinds. I finally understood that this wasn’t my home. It was as if Egypt itself was closing the blinds on me.”

    Today, Dina proudly wears her IDF uniform.

    "There’s something I’ve never told anyone before. I want to go back and visit, and to see my house. I’d like to go back to my school, and to the morning assembly we had at the beginning of every day. I want to explain to them that all we’re doing is defending our country.”


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