The Five Principles of Yoga

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    The Five Principles of Yoga are the basis of attaining a healthy body and mind through the practice of Yoga.
    1.Proper Relaxation

    By giving up tension in the muscles and putting the whole body at rest, your nervous system achieves inner peace, making you feel relaxed and refreshed and helps to conserve energy and work without fear and full of confidence.

    2.Proper Exercise

    Physical body is meant to move and exercise, yoga postures or asanas, which relaxes all parts of body - stretches and tones the muscles and ligaments, enhances the flexibility of the spine and the joints, and improves blood circulation. Yoga increases your body's flexibility, lubrication and easy movement of ligaments, joints and tendons, provides "massage" all the organs of the body and hence optimal blood supply and thus causes a certain amount of 'detoxification' and is great for toning your muscles and reducing flab.

    3.Proper Breathing

    Breathing fully and rhythmically, making use of all the parts of your lungs to increase your oxygen intake. Breathing exercises, increases length of exhalation and inhalation and is called Pranayama.

    4.Proper Diet

    A well balanced and natural food gives Proper diet. Yoga also means eating in moderation and eating only when you are hungry. Makes you to cultivate good eating habits and increases immune system.

    5.Positive Thinking and Meditation

    The way we think highly affects our way of life. Optimism towards life, thinking positive gives mental peace and mind will be under control.

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