The Great Trident of Peru and Ramyana

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    Ramayana describes about 4 teams of Vanaras(humans with tails who wander in forest) going in 4 different directions to find King Rama’s kidnapped wife Seetha.We discussed about this in our earlier posts.there is mention of "PARACAS TRIDENT of PERU"

    Sugreev says :

    svaadu udasya uttare deshe yojanaani trayodasha |
    jaataruupa shilo naama sumahaan kanaka prabhaH || 4-40-50

    Translation : On the northern province of that soft-water ocean there is a hugely enormous mountain named Jaataruupa-shila (Golden Rock Mountain), which glitters like gold and which spreads across thirteen yojanas.

    tatra candra pratiikaasham pannagam dharaNii dharam |
    padma patra vishaalaaksham tato drakshyadha vaanaraaH || 4-40-51
    aasiinam parvatasya agre sarva bhuuta namaskR^itam |
    sahasra shirasam devam ana.ntam niila vaasasam || 4-40-52

    Translation : There you shall see then, oh, vanaras, the lotus-petal broad-eyed thousand-hooded serpent god in black clothing, namely Ananta, sitting on the top of that mountain and sustaining the earth on his head, who will be like moon in his brilliance and whom all beings hold in reverence.

    In ancient Indian texts the southern tip of South America (Chile) is ‘the head of the serpent called Ananta’, on which the earth rests (see the Ring of Fire starting at tip of South America in above figure).

    trishiraaH kaa.ncanaH ketuH taalaH tasya mahaatmanaH |
    sthaapitaH parvatasya agre viraajati sa vedikaH || 4-40-53

    Translation : A golden pylon resembling a palm tree with three branches as its heads is established on the peak of that mountain as the insignia of that great-soul Ananta, and it will be lustrous with a golden podium.

    puurvasyaam dishi nirmaaNam kR^itam tat tridasheshvaraiH |
    tataH param hemamayaH shriimaan udaya parvataH || 4-40-54
    tasya koTiH divam spR^iSTvaa shata yojanam aayataa |
    jaataruupamayii divyaa viraajati sa vedikaa || 4-40-55

    Translation : That pylon of palm tree is constructed as the easterly compass by celestial gods, and beyond that a completely golden mountain is there, namely the Udaya Mountain, the Mt. Sunrise, beyond which it is all west. The pinnacles of Mt. Sunrise will be touching heavens for their height is hundred yojanas and that divine mountain greatly glitters for it is completely golden, and it is pedestal-led with suchlike glittering mountains.

    So, according to Ramayana, Peru is the land of the Rising Sun.

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