The hidden Tragedy of 1966 Saints Massacre & The reason for Indira Gandhis Death

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    The hidden Tragedy of 1966 Saints Massacre & The reason for Indira Gandhis Death - Ban on Gowhatya by the sages of Bharatvarsh
    (Documentation done by devotees under the shelter of Gurudev from Malukpeeth at Vrindavandham.)

    This was documented from a Victim of this incident, is more haunting similar to The Jalianwala Baug Massacre.Those dark days for The saints of Bharatvarsh who were been killed, wounded on order of Indira Gandhi, all documentary, photographs etc was been removed, burnt forever by the Congress Government however in kaliyuga, Dharma stands on one leg, the leg of Truth. Truth, which can’t be hidden for a long time.

    The Gowraksha Organization summit minister who was a victim of this entire Incident, the well known Historian & writer, Acharya Sohanlal Ramganj would narrate the incident.

    7 November 1966, Month -Kartik, Paksh – Shukla , Tithi – Astmi well known as GOPASTMI, 8 ‘o’ clock morning time. People started gathering outside the Parliament, His Holiness Sri Karpatriji Mahraj the well known renounced saint started this Satyagraha from Chandani Chowk near Arya Samaj temple, along with him were many other renounced saints. Sankracharya from Jagganath peeth, Jyotish peeth, Dwarka peeth, all saints form 7 peeths - Sri Vallabh Samporadaya, Ramanuj samporadaya, Madhva sampradaya, Ramandai Acharayas, Arya Samaj, Jain, Buddhish, Sikh saints, Naga babas etc were present. Pandit Laxminarayanji decorated the foreheads of sadhu samaj with Chandan tilak and now they were ready for the protest. Starting point form The Delhi Red fort passing through new lane chavdi bazaar, patel chowk. End point at Sansad Bhavan, these saints were/are the glory and pride of Bharatvarsh, people form their houses welcomed them with shower of flowers, every concrete street turned to flower beds welcoming the holy feet’s of those who are on a mission to save the mother of mankind, Gowmata.

    According to Acharya Sohanlal Ramrangji this was a part of history were saints form all sampradaya without their ride and pride together for a single cause and reached the Sansad bhavan, sat with disciple leaving their pride aside, Until date never such thing happened. New Delhi was filled with so much crowd that only the heads were visible from Chandani Chowk uptill Sansad Bhavan. 10 Lakh approximately, 10 to 20 thousand were women who stood for the same cause. From J& K to Kerla every saint, Gowrakshak - Gowsevak reached here for a law to put a complete ban on Gow hatya. INDIRA GANDHI serving as Prime minister who was elected because she stood with the cause of Save gowmata, (Picture Attached : The original pic by Congres been put to save mother cow and calf, she won election by the blessings of these saints including Devraha baba who was more than 250 years old) however she back stabbed and never stood by her words on Gowraksha, this protest by saints was to teach her a lesson.

    According to Ramrangji the sadhu samaj reached Sansad around 1300 hours and they started addressing the crowd. Around 1500 hours, Swamiji form Arya samaj Sri Rameshwaranandji started lecturing (In presence of Atal Bihari Vajpai who asked to stop but was too late then), he said – This Government is from the foreign soil, they wont implement any strict action to put a ban on gowhatya, we have to teach them a lesson, I request all sages, people in this protest to Ghero/Surround sansad Bhavan and pull every Minister out of it and we should forcefully implement this law.

    Just hearing this the young crowd rushed towards the wall of Sansad, they surrounded the entire bhavan and now time to break those doors. Police, army people were ready with their arms and ammunitions waiting for the orders…..Starts with tear gas, rubber pellets, crowd was more aggressive now, suddenly they got orders to fire anybody or everybody, blindly the bullets were shot and more than 5000 got killed, more were been injured. This incident landed the Government in a huge trouble however they had to hide this incident, they called trucks and loaded dead and wounded, they made sure the wounded should die along with the dead's and till date those bodies are not been found. Curfew was implemented every were, saints and people were caught and taken to Prison. Leaving 3 Sakracharyas of 3 peeths they imprisioned all other saints in Tihad Jail. Sri Karpatriji maharaj started his satyagraha inside this Jail now. The power of his words had vibration within the heart of all those 50,000 who were been prisoned.

    Ramrangji says, all telephone lines were been cut, they picked me up on the night of 8th November and prisoned me in Tihad Jail. Naga Sadhus got their rules to never resided under a roof, they forcefully started staying outside the prison premises, November is Cold , they were not able to resist and now started breaking furniture, doors for fuel.

    Innocent Rulzarilala Nanda was been dismissed form his duty by Indira saying he was responsible for this massacre, he favored the saints and wanted to ban Gowhatya, he never wanted to take such a step by hurting the saints but in greed of power Indira made him the sacrificial Goat, later he never got elected under the ministry of Indira’s Party. On Emergency basis, the prior chief minister of Maharashtra and later defense minister who had just lost a battle with Chine, Yashwantrao Balvantrao Chauhan was been elected as a home minister. He later personally reached the Tihad jail, assured Naga sadhus that he arrange woods for fuel and later they were calmed.

    Innocent saints and Gowrakshak were been released after a month, Sri Karpatriji Maharaj was also released & his staygraha never ended. Sankracharya from Puri and Prabhudutt Brahmachariji sat for Amran Anshan fast, Indira Gandhi lied and confirmed she would do something to stop Gow hatya to stop the saints from fasting else another protest would take place, till date nothing had been done.

    Ramrangji said, Congress was always against the Sanatan dharma saints of Bharatvarsh, They hated them the most and showed their true colour on 7th November.


    After the Tragedy which happed on the Gopastmi day in the year 1966, Indira Gandhi was Cursed by Disciples of Karpatriji Maharaj and so She was Shot dead on the same day of Gopastmi and her family came to an end.

    After 1947, Indian National Congress used cow and her calf as there party election symbol during Indira Gandhi’s time to connect with Indian masses. But from 350 slaughter houses in India in 1947, it has increased to more than 36000 today. In 1947, population of India was 30 crores and cows were about 120 crores. As per 2014, there are 120 crore people and just 20 crore cows left in India. India is the highest exporter of beef in the world as per 2015. Ignorant experts of economics fail to understand the value of alive cow. A live cow can generate 100 times more money by her valuable products than dead. Just one cow can fertilize one acre of land. If a farmer just spend one-third of the total money he spend on fertilizers, he can keep the cow and also produce high yielding crops which has double the output value, both in terms of quality and quantity.

    (Picture: *Original Symbol of Congress with mother cow and calf only for seeking hindu votes. *250 years old Devraha Baba who blessed Indira. *Nehru promoting and feeding FOREIGN breed Jersey, Holstein on our soil who milk was ban in Europe as it contained chemical called CASOMORPHINE & let the Desi mother cow die.* Sadhus Massacre near Delhi fort on nov 1966)

    ||HaRe KRiShnA||

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