The Hindu kingdoms of Indonesia

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    The Sun of The great Hindu kingdom Majapahit

    Indonesia is also one of the significant historical place of Hinduism.
    kingdoms of Indonesia had a diplomatic relationship with India, China and Indochina. The relationships were very important for the cultural, religious or economic promotion. Indonesia was strongly influenced by Indian culture and religion. There were many Hindu temples and writings discovered from the ancient times. Hinduism and nature worship was the main religion before the arrival of other religions. The majority of the population were believers of Shaivism. Indonesia was ruled by many dynasties and there were also glorious kingdoms that were known for their wealth. The Kings were native or Indian origin. The Indonesian Hindu-kings had the title Raja. Indonesia was influenced mainly from South India. Because Indonesia was several times under the rule of Imperial South India. The Indonesian temples have a mixture of Dravidian architecture and indonesian culture. Indian traders and priests settled in Indonesia. Later, after the fall of the South Indian empires was the Indonesian kingdoms no more a vassal and became a independent kingdoms. The Indonesian kingdoms ruled until the rise of Islam.

    Early Kingdoms of Indonesia

    Kutai (4th century)
    Kutai was a kingdom in East Kalimantan, Borneo.
    The first ruler was Kuḍungga (narendra) called the "Lord of the people"
    It also had contact with the great Pallava kingdom.

    Tarumanagara (358-669)
    The Tarumanagara kings come from the Salankayana dynasty.
    The Salankayana, ruled in Andhra Pradesh (India). The Guptas destroyed
    their kingdom. After the fall, marry the Salankayana king, a Sundanese princess and establishes a new kingdom in Java.

    Kalingga (6th-7th century)
    Kalingga was a kingdom in Central Java. This kingdom was ruled by the dynasty Shima. In the reign of Queen Shima had the truth and honesty a great meaning. dishonesty was hard punished.

    Srivijaya (7th-13th centuries)
    Sri Vijaya was a powerful Malay empire and had great influence in Indonesia.
    This kingdom was known for a strong economy and wealth. Srivijaya was later conquered by their rival the Cholas.

    Sailendra (8th-9th centuries)
    The Sailendras were active supporters of Mahayana Buddhism.

    Sunda Kingdom (669-1579)
    The Sunda Kingdom was a Hindu kingdom located on the western part of Java.

    Medang Kingdom (752-1045)
    Medang Kingdom was a Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in Java. Lord Shiva was probably the main god. Medang Kingdom was also economically successful
    and a rival of the Sri Vijaya.

    Kediri (1045-1221)
    A Hindu kingdom in Java. In the age of Kendiri, a lot of development in the classical literature was done. The first king of Kediri claimed that he is an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

    Singhasari (1222-1292)
    The legend says, the first king of Singhasari name was Ken Arok and was a son of Lord Bhrama.

    Majapahit (1293-1500)
    The strongest military empire in the history of Indonesia. This javanese kingdom conquered almost the entire Indonesia and parts of Indochina. Later it was destroyed by the Islamic invasion.

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