The most mysterious temple in the world, Jagannath Temple in Puri

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    The field around this temple n few more is so strong n concentrated that it influences anything n being in its range. May be its electromagnetic in nature hence mudt be affecting ordinary light.
    Any plane or bird avoiding the temple zone is also found over Mecca mosque which is claimed to be very old Shiva temple.
    An unusual event is seen in Taj Mahal right side Nakkar grih building floor. A replica graphic of main tomb shaft above Taj Mahal in black stone emits water on placing palm over it. I saw it myself.
    Many ancient temples n buildings were made over the intersection of Lay lines which were high energy earthly channels flowing geocentric energies generated out of the movement of liquid layers in earth structure. Plus the magnetic envelop n time bound interactions with other planetary n solar influences boost up such effects at definite places n in definite time coordinates.
    Besides physical effects when one enters in such influencing places he feels serenity n complete stability of mind n emotions as if one is pulled into the stillness of another dimension.
    ( by Ajai Singh)

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