The Most Touching Experience Of My Life

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    I found this girl on a 11:30 am Virar train -In the middle of the staircase, calm in chaos, with a henna cone in her hand, struggling to apply it on her palms.
    Suddenly a middle aged man kicked her and told her to move. She moved herself to the corner of the staircase and as the 11:35 train arrived, she along with me got on to the 1st class ladies compartment. She sat on the floor of the train and continued to struggle to apply the henna. She looked over at me and smiled, I smiled back. I gestured to her to come next to me, she resisted but then agreed. There was no vocal conversation, just hand and face gestures.
    I took the cone from her hand and held her palm and manage to draw a flower. She kept looking at me with pursed lips and once I finished she smiled at me, nodded in approval and kept looking at her hand in awe. Since it was a fast local, the next stop was Bandra, a female police officer entered the compartment and told her to leave. She instantly sprung up, still looking at her hand, with the biggest smile on her face- and left the train.

    It was and will be one of the happiest days of my life which made me feel so grateful for what I have and at the same time made me realize that it isn’t always about buying food or things for the under privileged - it’s about the compassion you show toward them.
    That and the fact that sometimes the most touching of experiences come without any words.

    -Story by Niharika Saraf.

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