The Saint Who Stopped A War And Brought Peace

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    There once lived a king named Naresh who was very rude and proud of his power. To show off his power, he declared a war on the neighbouring kingdom without any reason.
    King Sarvesh, the neighbouring king, was equally stubborn and wanted to show off his own power. So the war continued for months with no end in sight. Many lives were lost. During this time, a Saint from the kingdom of King Sarvesh happened to be strolling on the border between the two kingdoms. Immediately after sighting the Saint from the enemy kingdom, the soldiers of King Naresh took Him into custody and imprisoned Him.

    The news of His capture reached the army camp of King Sarvesh. One of the soldiers approached the enemy and offered to give himself up to them in exchange for the Saint’s release. But the enemy soldiers would not listen and drove him away. The news was soon delivered to King Sarvesh’s minister of war. At once the minister, too, made contact with the enemy’s war minister and offered to take the place of the Saint. But the enemy’s war minister turned down his request as well.

    Soon the news reached King Sarvesh who immediately sent his messenger requesting King Naresh to release the Saint and declared that he would put an end to the war. On hearing this, King Naresh was quite surprised and decided to visit the Saint over whom King Sarvesh wanted to end the war. The next morning, after spending just a few minutes with Him, the king got a glimpse of the Saint’s Divine kindness and love for all. He immediately ordered the war to be stopped and declared that there would be no more wars and everyone would live in peace.

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