The seer whose mind is established in God attains peace

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    Those whose mind and intellect are wholly merged in God, who remain constantly established in identity with God and have finally become one with God, reach the state of liberation from rebirth. He who with reason firm and free from doubt, rejoices not on obtaining what is pleasant and does not feel perturbed on meeting with the unpleasant, that knower of Brahma lives eternally in identity with Brahma. The pleasures which are born of sense-contacts are verily a source of suffering only though appearing as enjoyable to worldly-minded people. They have a beginning and an end. It is for this reason that a wise man does not indulge in them. He, who is happy within himself, enjoys within himself the delight of the soul, and even so is illumined by the inner light; such a person identified with Brahma attains Brahma who is all Peace. The seer whose sins have been wiped out, whose doubts have been dispelled by knowledge, whose disciplined mind is firmly established in God and who is actively engaged in the service of all beings, attains Brahma, who is all Peace. To those wise men that are free from lust and anger, who have subdued their mind and have realized God, Brahma, the abode of eternal peace, is present all round.

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