The Story of the Bird and Princesses

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    A Bird Proposed the Princesses one night , Princesses put a condition on bird that she would love the bird only if bird brings a Red Rose for her By next morning Unfortunately there was no Red Rose tree in the Jungle, Bird was Upset & Sad. Bird went here there & every where but couldn't get the Red Rose. Time was also passing away.

    Finally after a lots of struggle Bird found a WHITE Rose Tree with only ONE ROSE, Bird was Happy & graceful by finding the tree of roses, Bird was of a view that now it would b able to live with Princesses for REST OF THE Life.

    Bird took the rose and went to the princesses. but princess didn't accept the rose because it wasn't red. bird tried to give all explanations that there was no red rose tree , & for red rose tree, bird has to fly to the other side of the country & if it do so returning by morning wasn't possible. but the princess didn't accept.

    only few minutes were left for morning

    finally in front of princess bird cuts its body (chest near heart) , drops all its blood on the white rose to make it... red.

    on last few seconds of his life , the bird gave the blooded red rose to the princess, proposed her & went on to sleep forever& "now the princess loves the bird , but the bird is no more"

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