The story of Unwanteds : Pakistan & Biharis of Bangladesh

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    When Partition happened ,immigration from weird direction was witnessed.Suppose ,Its very hard to imagine someone living in South India,example Kerala migrating to Pakistan.But Thats not our subject today in this notes.This note is about Bihari muslim who were the biggest loser in the fight between Muslims& Hindus,Congress & Muslim League ,Gandhi & Jinnah.How Frankenstien(Pakistan) can kill its own creator(Bihari Muslims).

    Riots on religious grounds became a daily affair after the Morley-Minto reforms,1909.Its first brick was sown after the Bengal Partition in 1905,but it became effective after 1909 . The first explosion in the volcano of partition riots happened in Kolkata initiated with Direct Action Dayby Muslim League.This day is also known as Great Calcutta Killings, was a day of widespread riot and manslaughter between Hindus and Muslims in the city of Calcutta (now known as Kolkata) in the Bengal province of British India. The original plan was to include Kolkata in the would be created "Pakistan".But the plan backfired,badly.

    When the Kolkata riots (the week of Long Knives) failed its PlanB was launched.This time in Noakhali.This time the majority prepared Muslims fell upon the unprepared minority Hindus.Its futile to blame Muslims because of "Sarva Dharma Sambhao" nonsense in Hindus ,Hindus are always unprepared.The muslims made Hindus pay the price of "secularism" .Ladies were raped in front of their brother,father.But today its not our discussion. But I am saying this because all this stories are interlinked.

    So after two initiatives by mulsims ,Direct Action day & Noakhali Genocide,the first time Hindus took initiative in Bihar.As usual,may be some muslim goons might have been killed but many innocent muslims were also killed.The scale of riot was so violent that even Gandhi was forced to say to do airbombing in Bihar.Offcourse it was a political statement because it never mattered to him when Hindus were being killed in Bengal(secularism was pregnant ! ).Muslim women were raped,captured killed.They situation became very volatile because such a large army was not there to safeguard India from such an external & internal aggression at any point of time . Then many bihari Muslims started migrating to East Bengal,which will later become East Pakistan(EP) and the Bangladesh .

    And this is where our story starts Upon their arrival after the creation of East Pakistan,Biharis were welcomed by indigenous Bengalis.Pakistan was concieved to be a safehaven for all south asian muslim.Majorithy of these Bihari muslims settled in Dhaka,Dinajpur & Rangpur where they were offered & faciliated with occupational activities & housing. Biharis faced little hardship in finding Govt jobs as they were first preference of the Punjabi Pakistani Muslims to replace Bengali Hindus.But situations started to change. And it changed 360 degree.

    In the year that preceded the independence of Pakistan,the Bengalis feeled completely increasingly disillusioned because of the coercive assimilation policy of west pakistan due to the imposition of Urdu as national language of pakistan . The Bengali Nationalist campaign forced to recoginize both Bangla and Urdu as national language but biharis of Bangladesh never recognized bangla as national language.This further alienated them from the Bengalis of Bangladesh.Hence they were seen as a symbol or an extension of Punjabi superiorism .Thus prior to 1971 war ,Biharis were deeply mistrusted by Bengalis .The Bengalis treated the Biharis of EP with contempt for their continued support of West Pakistan's policy. & their disloyalty to the Bengali cause.

    The national movement that ensued following the election in December 1970 ,the Biharis retained their commitment to Pakistan & supported pro-west pakistani Muslim as opposed to Awami League(which represented the Bengali National Movement).Soon the Bengali National Movement turned into civil war where the Bengalis demanded complete independencefrom Panjabi imperialism. During the civil war that ensued for nine months the Biharis,in every way,collaborated with West Pakistan.As a counter to Bengali revolutionaries Mukti Bahini,the Biharis formed Al-Badr & Al-Sham which colluded with West Pakistan Army.As the war was about to end,Punjabi dominated Pakistan showdowned one of the world biggest surrender ceremony after Stalingrad.

    After the war ,the West Pakistanis left East Pakistan,now Bangladesh,leaving Biharis back there.This incident reflects the traitorness & insensitivity of the Panjabi Pakistanis who left those Biharis at the mercy of blood thirsty Bengalis who were waiting to take revenge from them.As soon as the administration of Bangladesh went into the hand of Bengalis they started taking punitive measures in punishing the Biharis .Bangladesh Abondoned Property(Control Management & Disposal) Order 1972 were those pieces of legislation introduced by the Bangladeshi government to justify the confiscation of Bihari properties & businesses.Biharis in East Pakistan who owned large house were now forced to live in ghettos like sub-humans.

    In response to the acts of victimization ,the overwhelming majority of Biharis pleaded in desperation for from Pakistan.They claimed to retain their Pakistani nationality & wanted to be repatriated to Pakistan.Out of the 7,50,000 biharis stranded in Bangladesh 1,08,000 were transferred to Pakistan.By 1981 the number rose to 1,63,000.But what followed was a u-turn by Panjabistan much bigger than their surrender ceremony in Dhaka .

    The Panjabi bosses of Pakistan no longer wanted those Biharis who gave their sweat in creating pakistan & gave their blood in defending it.The Biharis were unwanted.Civil protest broke out in Pakistan in 1989 to stop taking in more refugees from Bangladesh .The first air flights of Biharis to Pakistan were cancelled in 1989.The last batch of 323 Biharis were resettled in Okara ,Panjab in 1992.No further resettlement was initiated beacause of heavy protest that broke out in the street as well as in the rank of government & army.Further in 1995 ,288 bengali speaking muslims were deported to Bangladesh from Pakistan.In 1999 Mian Nawaz Sharif (trip to Bangladesh) confined himself by saying that Pakistan was concerned about those Biharis only on humanitarian ground.

    The Biharis in Bangladesh refer themselves as "stranded pakistanis".The Biharis of Bangladesh fought for Pakistan Army.Now Pakistan refuse to own this Biharis ,who once fought for this nonsense state,Pakistan. The last time as far as I know these Biharis applied for Pakistani citizenship in 2006 but only to get rejected ! This is how Pakistan have treated its own people .
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