THE SWARODAYA SHASTRA - THE SECRET OF ALL SECRETS of Human Body as well as Universe & other Universe

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    The PURE KNOWLEDGE of VEDANTA" "Think Globally, Act Homely, Socially & Spiritually.

    "The SWARA (Tone, Subtle Voice within, introverted) THE BREATH OF MAHESWARA (Lord Shiva)."

    "THE SWARODAYA SHASTRA - THE SECRET OF ALL SECRETS of Human Body as well as Universe & other Universe"

    "This science of Swaras is the secret of all Secrets and reveals the Secret of the essence of all Frequency, Vibrations & Energies Practices & benefits. This science is the subtle crest jewel of all True, Pure, Absolute knowledge".

    "The Veda, All Shastra, Ayruveda, Yoga & Meditation, Mantra Yoga, Hindustani Music, All Hindustanti Dances, Astrology, Vastu Shastra & so forth & Universe & other Universe without knowledge of the Swaras, a house without an owner, a mouth without Shastras, and a body without a head, one never acclaimed"."

    "The Swarodaya Shastra also gives many more details of the 5 elements (Panchabhutas ; Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Ether), from Akash (ether) Air, from Air is Fire, from Fire is Water & from Water Earth is created and based on the Swara, a detailed art of prediction of diseases, sex of the child, divination and answering almost any question. Swara Shastra also gives various breathing techniques and meditations for each element (Panchabhutas) as related to the Chakras and a wealth of much more varied and interesting information."

    "Thus the nostrils are switches . By controlling the speed, rate, rhythm, length and duration of the breath, by altering the ratio of inhalation to exhalation, by stopping breath, we can activate or tone down neurological and mental processes so as to achieve heightened awareness, altered states of Consciousness and even the ultimate goal of liberation itself. Verily SWARA is lord MAHE 'SWARA' himself!

    "O lady of beautiful face! All Shastras, Puranas, Smritis and the Vedangas & so forth are nothing beyond the knowledge of Swaras".

    "The part and whole of the Universe are made up of Swaras. The Creator and Destroyer of the Universe is really the Swara in the form of Mahe'swara' ".

    "Shiva the lord of Yogis to Goddess Parvati in the "Siva Swarodaya"

    "If one has the strength of Swaras then he should attack his foe or meet his friend. Wealth, fame, pleasure and comfort are all obtained through the strength of Swaras".

    "The human brain is undoubtedly one of the most amazing, incredible and wondrous of Nature's creation. It contains twelve thousand million cells and each of these cells has an estimated five hundred thousand possible interconnections that we know of. It is said that when the mathematics is computed there are more possible interconnections in the brain than there are atoms in the universe!

    The upper brain has two parts the right and left hemispheres. Scientific study of the hemispheres of the brain by Roger Sperr H.S. Gazzaniga and others has shown us specialization of function in each hemisphere. The left side of the brain is usually associated with speed, logic, analysis, time and linear function where as the right side is concerned with intuitive feeling, spatial, holistic in function, and does not require linear structured analysis for its knowledge.

    "The Right hemisphere controls the left side of the body while the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body .


    Left brain: Right brain

    • Rational
    • Objective
    • Law
    • Math
    • Extravert
    • Active
    • Temporal
    • Thinking
    • Logic
    • Intellect
    • Analysis
    • Digital
    • Rich and Varied Vocabulary
    • Recognition and grasping powerless
    • Imaginal perception defective
    • Recalls names of objects easily
    • Verbal
    • Speech
    • Power of conversation increased
    • Answers are give in detailed explanation
    • Talkative
    • Explicit
    • Partial
    • Cannot distinguish between male and female sounds
    • Pingala Nadi
    • Solar
    • Mascul
    • Mystal
    • Subjective
    • Art
    • Poetry
    • Introvert
    • Passive
    • Here and now
    • Feeling
    • Emotion
    • Intuition
    • Understanding
    • Analog
    • Rich imagery
    • Recognizes faster
    • Imaginal perception improved
    • Recognizes objects easily but cannot recall the name
    • Non verbal or Spatial
    • Diminished capacity for speech
    • Difficulty in conversing
    • Short and simple answers
    • Silent
    • Implicit
    • Holistic
    • Can distinguish between male and female sounds
    • Recognizes non verbal sounds like tones and tunes
    • Ida Nadi
    • Lunar
    • Fémnine

    "The relative independence of the two hemispheres is apparent in everyday life. Studies done on 'split - brain' patients show that they appear entirely normal after the surgery. In these patients in an attempt to treat severe cases of grandmal epilepsy, they cut the corpus callosum, the main bundle of neural fibers connecting the left and right hemispheres of the neocortex. The normal behavior and appearance of 'split-brain' patients in itself suggests that the function of corpus callosum is subtle. It is vital not to overestimate the separation of functions in a normal human being. The existence of so complex a cabling system as the corpus callosum must mean that interaction of the hemispheres is a vital human function. In more complex, difficult and highly valued human activities, co-operation between left and right hemispheres becomes a necessity."

    "Most of the time majority of us functions from a single mode or there is a predominance of left hemisphere over the right. All activities that are governed by the left hemisphere like writing, thinking, speech, math etc., receive priority from most people's point of view especially in the materialistic world."

    "Science itself seems to be mostly a product of the left hemisphere, though insights often require the help of the right hemisphere also. The western society mostly has a leaning towards left hemisphere mode of living while the ancient eastern cultures seem to at least theoretically lean towards a predominantly right hemisphere mode of existence."

    "The fact that eighty percent of us are right handed shows the leaning towards left hemisphere. (It should be remembered that the left hemisphere controls the right hand). A closer look would reveal that human languages have built into them a polarity, a veer to the right."

    "Right" is associated with correct behavior, legality, high moral principles and masculinity. "Left" is associated with weakness, cowardice, and diffusiveness of purpose, evil and femininity. Words like 'Righteous', 'Rights', 'in his right mind' etc., are examples for the same."

    "On the other hand words like 'sinister' (the Latin word for left", 'Gauche' the French word for left, 'Gawky' and 'left handed compliment' are all used in a negative sense. The Italian 'Mancino', for 'left' signifies 'deceitful'. In one etymology, 'left' comes from 'Lyft', the Anglo-sax for 'weak' or worthless."

    "'Right' in the legal sense (as action in accord with the rules of society) and 'Right' in the logical sense (as the opposite of wrong) are also common place in many languages. The nobles were always placed on the king's right. In pre-industrial societies (and in countries like India even to this day), where the toilet paper is not used after defecation, generally for personnel hygiene one hand is used since it is aesthetically unappealing and also involves a serious risk of transferring disease to others as well as to oneself. The simplest precaution is to greet and eat with the other hand. Without exception, in pre-technological human societies and societies where it is still in existence, it is the left hand that is used for toilet functions and right for greeting and eating. Right from childhood we are taught to use the right hand for all works that are considered proper and noble."
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    "Occasional lapses from this convention are often viewed with horror. In traditional societies there are firm strictures against even reaching for an object or money with the left. Even among the various schools of Tantra, the school that makes use of the so-called 'Pancha Makaras' i.e. Wine, Flesh, Fish, Grain and Coition (sex) literally is termed 'Vama marga', the literal meaning being 'left path'. The left/right distinction runs deep into the past of our species."

    "While there is a definite trend to separate modes of function nowadays, each hemisphere must work in an integrated fashion. Admitting the validity of both modes of functioning- left hemisphere and right hemisphere- we must ponder if they are equally effective and useful in all circumstances. No doubt the right hemisphere's intuitive thinking may perceive patterns and connections too difficult for the left hemisphere, but it may also detect patterns where none exist. Along with the intuitive creative genius of right hemisphere we equally need the verbal analytic intellectual thinking of the left hemisphere."

    "Only when both the hemispheres of the brain are working together can we appreciate the moral of a story, the measuring of a metaphor, words describing emotion, or the punch line of a joke. It is not just a question of being balanced. The most significant creative activities of any culture - legal and ethical systems, art and music, science and technology - were made possible only through the collaborative work of the left and right cerebral hemispheres. These creative acts though engaged in rarely or only by a few, have changed the world and our lives. In fact human culture is the function of both right and left hemispheres in collaboration or in other words, the function of the corpus callosum. The path to the future lies through the corpus callosum. The practices of Yoga and Tantra, are aimed precisely at that. In the next part, I will introduce one such practice, the knowledge of which is considered to be very essential for an astrologer --- Swarodaya shastra."


    "This science of Swaras is the secret of all secrets and reveals the secret of the essence of all benefits. This science is the crest jewel of all knowledge".
    "An astrologer without knowledge of the swaras, a house without an owner, a mouth without sastras, and a body without a head, one never acclaimed".
    "If one has the strength of swaras then he should attack his foe or meet his friend. Wealth, fame, pleasure and comfort are all obtained through the strength of swaras".

    The Loed Shiva Mahadeva to Parvati in "Shiva Svarodaya".

    "To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heavens; A time to be born and a time to die; A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill and a time to heal; A time to breakdown and a time to build up; A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance; A time to get and a time to lose; A time to keep and a time to cast away".

    Almost all religions state that there is a time for everything in the natural order. When one does anything at the right moment, it certainly has to bear fruit. Going with the rhythm of nature, one learns to swim along the current. In fact, is not success due to the right effort at the right time? Such a time is ascertainable definitely. Such a time is ascertainable from one's own breath, the vital vibration governing the world, as revealed by the "Science of Breath" or "Swara Sastra" as taught by the Tantras.

    It is said that Lord Siva initially revealed this knowledge to his Divine consort Parvati (Shakti). Today this science is not very well known, and only a few persons still follow it. What is known about it is quite little as compared to the vastness of the subject. This article covers the basics of Swara SHastra with a touch of predictive usage. I have deliberately refrained from going into the elements and Swara since recognition of the predominant element in the Swara requires more practice and expertise. A theoretical discussion of the elements will not be of much practical value to the readers.

    "This science is based on the nadis or the swaras . There are 72,000 nadis in the astral or energetic body. But we generally deal with the principal ten or fourteen only, and here only 3 of them."

    They are:
    1. Ida, 2. Pingala, 3. Sushumna

    But before we go further, let me acquaint you with the Tantric/Yogic view of the human body."

    "According to the scriptures, man has three bodies or forms

    • Gross or physical body (sthula sarira), which is the visible, palpable, body.
    • Subtle body or Astral body (Sukshma sarira), which is comprised of the thoughts, feelings, impulses etc that animate the gross body.
    • Casual body (karana sarira), which is the seed body that is the cause and seed of next birth. This form lasts until liberation.

    Beyond these three is the eternal Atman, the Self or Incorporeal spirit (Asarira atman) which is the Divine spark, that part of the Whole, the ever-blissful which is transcendental.
    Corresponding to these three bodies and the real self, as the Mandukya Upanishad tells us, there are the three states of experience.

    • Gross body - Waking (Jagrat)
    • Subtle body - Dream (Swapna)
    • Casual body -- Dreamless sleep (Sushupti)
    Transcending these three states of experience, there is the Turiya state, the state of Transcendent Reality, corresponding to the Atman.

    The Astral body has within it, our psychic instrument, or Antahkarana, which is composed of mind, intellect and ego (or ahamkara). The casual body takes a physical body as a vehicle for each life. The five elements aid it in this process. Like everything else, the human body too, is made of the five elements. Each of the five elements is contained within another and thus the five elements exist with in us as the three doshas (humors). This is our true individual constitution or nature - our prakriti. When we understand these primordial elements, we begin to see the interdependent and interconnected nature of the universe. As the five elements cycle and recycle, billions of atoms traveling throughout the universe become absorbed into billions of life forms. What was once a part of the earth goes into the plants and what was a part of the plants yesterday goes into the animal body today and the same will go into the human body, tomorrow.

    This ever-changing cycle of the five elements goes on for a very long time, long enough for it to seem like an eternity. It is said that our entire body is totally renewed every seven years. The five elements continuously transmute into each other to create the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Our physical body reflects the element Earth and Water its fluid; the acids and enzymes of the body reflect the element of Fire; the element of Air is the breath and Prana, and Space is the vibration of our very existence. Though every one of us has the same 5 elements within, each has a unique configuration. The Taittiriya upanishad describes man as consisting of five selves. Later Adi Sankaracharya changed it into the concept of five sheaths or kosas. They are also known as the five envelopes or wrappings. The concept of the five sheaths is not really relevant to our present discussion. But this background is necessary to appreciate what I am going to discuss hereafter.

    If you remember, we were discussing the three bodies earlier. Most things at one level have a corresponding manifestation at the other level. So while the nadis are in the subtle body, corresponding to them, there are nerves in the physical or gross body. The astral body is somewhat like a template for the physical body. So more than the physical body, it is the astral body that shows signs and symptoms of any influence. Diseases first start manifesting in the subtle body and take some time to reach a gross level. Most medical diagnosis is done only when the disease reaches a gross level, meaning the physical body. Some people make the futile attempt to scientifically prove the nadis and charkas in the physical body. The problem with such well meant attempts is that they are searching in the wrong place. As I said earlier, every gross structure has a corresponding subtle counterpart in the astral or energetic body. Both the subtle and the gross affect each other. The Nadis actually exist in the subtle or energetic body that animates the physical body. With this brief background of the sukshma sarira (astral body), let us move on to the actual topic.


    The word Nadi comes from the Sanskrit root meaning 'MOVEMENT'. In the Rigveda it has been used to mean, 'STREAM'. Thus the word Nadi literally means 'FLOW'. The concept of Nadis is based on the understanding that they are channels, channels for the flow of consciousness. Thus in a way, any channel through which anything flows is a Nadi.
    "There are two types of Nadis:

    • GROSS: like blood vessels, nerves, cords, tubes etc.
    • SUBTLE : invisible channels of subtle energy.

    Subtle Nadis are again of two types:

    • Pranavaha Nadis : through which the pranic force (vital force) or prana shakti flows.
    • Manovaha Nadis : through which the mental force (Manas Shakti) flows
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    Gross Subtle
    Pranavaha Manovaha
    (Pranashakthi) (Manashakthi)

    " The Vital energy & The Mental energy"

    These two kinds of forces flow through every part of our body via the Nadis. According to the Tantras there are seventy two thousand (there are variant schools like the Tibetan school of Astro Medicine that speaks of 84000) such channels, which cover the whole body and through them the inherent rhythm of activity in the different organs is maintained.

    These nadis also correspond to the acupuncture meridians of the Chinese. Within this network of Nadis, there are ten main channels that are connected with the ten openings of the body. Of these ten, three are most important because they control the flow of Prana and consciousness within all the other Nadis of the body.

    IDA - It is connected with the left nostril, controls all the mental processes and is ruled by the moon . Ida is like nectar and gives strength and nourishment to the soul and the body. Ida which is feminine represents Goddess Parvati.

    PINGALA - which is connected with the right nostril, controls all the vital processes and is ruled by the sun. Pingala is responsible for the growth of the body. Pingala is masculine and represents Lord Siva. It is good for difficult jobs.

    SUSHUMNA - It is connected to the Brahmarandhra corresponding to Bregma at a gross (sthula) level, through which spiritual force flows and is known as Saraswati. Sushumna is also called as soonya swara. It destroys all actions and is hence inauspicious to start any activity. It is good for Yogic practices. The Sushumna is supposed to be destructive for most purposes and all under takings should be avoided during its flow. Sushumna is good for sexual enjoyment and liberation.

    The Kundalini ascends through the Sushumna when it awakens. The subtle nadi of Sushumna corresponds to the gross nadi of the central canal in the spinal cord.

    Prana shakti (pranic force) - Pingala (right nostril) - Sun
    Manas shakti (mental force) Ida (left nostril) - Moon

    Atma Shakti (spiritual force) - Sushumna (Central canal) - Rahu/Ketu axis?

    Ida and Pingala function in the body alternatively and not simultaneously.

    Researchers who have studied the circadian rhythm say that the nostrils alternate in dominance every 1 ½ to 2 hours. They also say that in children it is every one-hour. Whatever the duration of this "rise of swara" is, scientific researchers have also found that there is a correspondence or connection between the nostrils and brain hemispheres. In other words, when one nostril is dominating the opposite hemisphere is dominant.

    For instance, if your left nostril is flowing freely now, it is your right hemisphere that is dominant now. We have already studied that each hemisphere is concerned with a particular mode of functioning. The left hemisphere for instance, controls the functions of analysis, logic, maths etc., while the right hemisphere controls artistic work, emotions etc.,

    Thus by ascertaining which Swara is rising, one can ascertain the dominant hemisphere and do activities that fall under that hemisphere's function so as to go along with the flow of the current .

    The nostrils thus provide us a key to tune our behaviour according to the energy available in our body. If you observe your nostrils you will find that generally one is flowing freely and the other is blocked.

    When the left nostril is open, it is the lunar energy, Ida Nadi that is flowing and when the right nostril is flowing, the solar energy or Pingala nadi flows.


    The act of breathing is called "Swara" while the switching over from one nostril to another reflects the "Rise of breath" in that nostril or "Udaya " meaning "rise" .

    When the period of one nostril is over, automatically the breathing passes on to the other nostril for almost an equal time. It is performed with a fixed periodic rhythm through the left and right nostril alternately. This change of nostrils is periodic. Thus the name Svarodaya (Swara + Udaya) Sastra for this ancient science. A person who practices this Yoga of swara is called a Swara Yogi and he can control the Prana through Pingala and mind through Ida.

    Investigations have shown that when the right nostril is flowing, the left hemisphere of the brain is activated. When the left nostril is flowing, the right hemisphere is activated. Thus the Nadis control the brain and events of life and consciousness. It is said that anything can be predicted, achieved and attained by one who is adept in this science.

    The solar and lunar forces are the two great forces that affect Nature. Plants, animals, minerals and even the mighty oceans follow the order of solar and lunar influences. All of nature has a rhythm, a natural rhythm that it goes by. This is at a macrocosmic level . At a microcosmic level, this is reflected in our breath.

    In the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (2,1,19) there is the metaphor of a spider sitting at the center of its web, issuing and reabsorbing its threads in concentric circles, all held at one point. This image recurs constantly in several Indian works, Vedic and Tantric. Even the Mandala, which is a geometrical projection of the 'whole, universe in its essential plan, in its process of emanation and of re-absorption', has the same concept underlying it. All existence is governed by a single principle, the source from which everything is born and into which everything returns. Exhalation itself is the microcosmic parallel of emanation of the universe while inhalation is the microcosmic equivalent of re-absorption of the universe into the Supreme Being. The emanation, maintenance and re-absorption of the universe are all seen as the exhalation, retention and inhalation, one cycle of breath or Swara of Maheswara, the Supreme Being. The solar and lunar forces that work at a macrocosmic level are reflected at a microcosmic level in man as his Pingala nadi and Ida nadi. This principle of equivalence of the microcosm and macrocosm is a very important principle that all occult sciences share as a fundamental law.


    A variation of 10 to 15 minutes, before or after sunrise might be acceptable though strictly speaking it is not. Any further variation for a longer duration of one Swara not operating reflects some kind of physiological or psychological problem. If the breath does not alternate between the nostrils and is continuous beyond the normal period of an hour and fifty minutes or two hours, it is symptomatic of impairments of health due to either excess of heat or cold. If the breath moves in and out through a single nostril for almost 24 hours the derangement of the humours (doshas, meaning vata, pitta and kapha ) is serious; if it prevails for two or three days the illness is very grave.

    Dr. I.N.Rige, ENT specialist, Bucharest , Rumania studied nearly 400 patients suffering from one-sided nasal obstructions due to distortion and deviation of the nasal septum. Of these, 89% of cases breathed more through the left nostril and were prone to certain respiratory disorders like chronic sinusitis, middle and inner ear infections, partial or total loss of the senses of smell, hearing and taste, recurrent pharyngitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis, chronic bronchitis. They were more likely to be prone to a wide variety of distant disorders like amnesia, headaches, hyperthyroidism, heart failure, intellectual weakening, hypo functioning of liver, gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer, constipation, decreased libido, ovarian irregularities. Right nostril breathers were predisposed to hypertension. He also found that correction of nasal deformities helped to relieve the disease situation.

    Thus his research only reaffirms the Tantric-Yogic theory that the nostrils and the flow of breath have many neurological and psychic connections whose functions are not yet appreciated by Modern Science. Dr.Hiroshi Motoyama , Japan has also tried to prove that imbalance in nadis (which roughly correspond to the acupuncture meridians) is related to disease states. As the Yogis have said, nostrils are the windows to the state of our body and mind . The nostrils are switches, which can do more than alleviating disease. By consciously changing the dominant nostril to the other, one can control his inner functions like brain hemisphere functioning etc., to do whatever he wants any time.


    Close one nostril and breathe through the other. Now close the second nostril and breathe through the first. The one that is unobstructed is the dominant nostril.
    A mirror can be used to check the same. Corresponding to the dominant nostril, the mirror will have a misty appearance when we breathe out.

    Cotton fibrils also can be used to ascertain the same. But the simplest would be the first method.
    You can also keep both the thumbs under the two nostrils to find out

    NOTE: *After a little practice, one can recognize the swara without using the thumbs or fingers also. It is quite easy if one develops AWARENESS.
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    Usually the Swaras flow based on a natural order. On the 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 7 th , 8 th , 9 th , 13 th , 14 th and 15 th days of the Bright fortnight (ascending cycle of moon), it should pass from sunrise onwards through left nostril and alternate according to the rule of the periodic rhythm. This is because the Moon or Lunar energy is dominant during the Bright fortnight. Likewise the swara flows through the right nostril from sunrise onwards during the 4 th , 5 th , 6 th , 10 th , 11 th , and 12 th of the Bright half. It is reversed. Thus nine days during the Bright fortnight the left nostril is dominant at sunrise while nine days during the Dark fortnight, the right nostril is dominant.

    During the first three days of the bright half, Ida flows first and then alternates. For the first three days of the dark half, Pingala flows first and then alternates (see table).

    Bright half Dark half
    Ida Pingala Ida Pingala
    1,2,3,7,9 4,5,6,10 4,5,6,10,11 1,2,3,7,8,9,13
    13,14,15 11 and 12 and 12 14 and 15

    The Lunar or solar swara flows from sunrise for one hour each and then alternates for 24 hours. During the flow of Ida or Pingala for one hour, the tattwas become active in order. For a normal healthy person first air element flows for 8 minutes then fire for 4 minutes then earth for 12 minutes then water for 16 minutes and ether for 20 minutes. (This is used while predicting the sex of a child and some other methods of answering Prashnas. Astrologers wishing to use this should carefully observe their flow regularly and try to study the subtleties of breath. Unwholesome lifestyles like smoking and use of stimulants should be avoided strictly if one wants to develop such awareness).
    If opposite swara is active from the first three days of a fortnight then auspicious work should be avoided. Immediate steps should be taken to correct the flow, as it is a sign of imperfect health. The correction could be done through Hatha Yoga.

    NOTE : It should be pointed out that the lunar day is not equal to the solar day. This difference should be kept in mind.
    Weekdays and swara
    Each swara is auspicious on a particular weekday. And one can have the advantage of the Lord of the day as well as that of the swara by choosing this combination.

    The swaras with respect to the weekdays on which they are auspicious:
    Lunar (Ida) Solar (Pingala)

    Wednesday Sunday
    Thursday Tuesday
    Friday Saturday

    Good in bright half Good in dark half
    Zodiacal sign and Swara:

    The twelve signs of the zodiac can be grouped under the two swara

    Ida Pingala
    Taurus Aries
    Cancer Gemini
    Virgo Leo
    Scorpio Libra
    Capricorn Sagittarius
    Pisces Aquarius
    Directions and Swara:

    The swaras are also given directions. Ida represents North and East and Pingala-West and South. This is useful to answer queries of missing persons and fixing time to start journeys, both of which involve directions.
    Planets and Swaras:
    Pingala represents all male planets like Sun, Mars, and Saturn (though Saturn is a eunuch, being a malefic, it is considered here), while Ida represents all female planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.
    It will not be out of place here to refer to a view held by Hindu palmistry. Hindu palmistry postulates that while both the hands are valuable in reading palms, the left hand shows your prarabdha (destiny)- what you are born with, while the right hand is supposed to indicate what

    you make of your life- how you have made or marred your chances. There seems to be some truth in this view. At one level, while both the hands have all the planets and signs in the palm, at another level, the right hand predominantly shows the workings of the male planets, and the left hand the workings of the female planets. Remember? That the left hemisphere controls the right hand and right breath, while the right hemisphere controls the left nostril and left hand, because of a crossing of commissures.
    If you pause for a while and think, you realize that the male planets are assigned the right hand and right breath (and hence the left hemisphere), while the female planets are assigned the left hand and left breath (and hence the right hemisphere). The male planets i.e. Sun, Mars and Saturn, are the natural malefics, which give more scope for freewill (remember malefics in Upachaya houses or 3,6,10,11?). The right swara or the solar breath, is like the solar hora (surya hora) and the left swara like the chandra hora. Again the left swara, left hand and right hemisphere, represent the Lunar swara, the female planets. These are Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, the only planets that have the possibility of being natural benefics in a chart. While Jupiter and Venus are natural benefics unconditionally, Moon and Mercury are conditional benefics, Moon depending on its fullness and Mercury depending on the company or influences. Thus at one level it is true that the right hand shows what you have made of your life through your efforts, like the malefics in 3,6,10,11 would. But at another level, the influence of all the planets and signs are seen in both the hands. Actually Swara sastra, Samudrika sastra and Jyotish sastra, all indicate the same in different ways. A study of one sastra enhances our understanding of the other.
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    • Whenever there is a necessity, one should lie down for a while sideways on the side of which the nostril is flowing at the moment. Soon the other nostril will start flowing. For instance, lying on the left side will induce breathing through the right nostril. Putting a small cushion under the armpit and pressing it with your bodyweight will help you further.
    • Sit down calmly and gaze towards the side of the nostril that is not operating. The first method is more effective. The adept can change the swara at his will.


    1.When the nostril of the day is not the same as the operating nostril.
    2.When one wants to do an activity that should be done in the opposite swara.
    3.In cases of diseases-physiological or psychological
    4.If any swara keeps dominantly operating for more than two hours.


    1. It should be remembered that the Right half of the body is male and controlled by Solar energy, while the left half is lunar or female.
    2. The right side of the body (including the right nostril) is controlled by the left hemisphere and vice versa.
    3. Solar energy means all male planets like Sun, Mars, and Saturn while Lunar energy means all female planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Hence every Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday the right nostril works with the ruling planet of the day for one hour; half an hour before sunrise it changes and the nostril of the day takes over.
    4. All activities that require physical strength (vitality) need Solar energy and hence come under right nostril activities while all activities that require emotional strength are left nostril activities.
    5. The dominance of right nostril during the night and the left during the day makes one healthy, wealthy and happy and is conducive to longevity. So one can sleep to the left so that right nostril flows during the night
    6. One nostril should not work for more than 2 hours unless you are practicing swara yoga for a specific purpose.

    How To Predict Based On Swaras

    With practice we can easily ascertain our Lunar and solar nadis and thus use this knowledge for knowing the future. When a question is asked, the astrologer should immediately check his swara. If it is Ida, he can predict success and if it is Pingala, he can indicate failure, since Ida represents the natural benefics, while Pingala represents the natural malefics. This is the simplest possible method, like a thumb rule. However for more confidence, one may try some other methods along with this and synchronize the results.
    I myself use it for confirmation of what I see in the chart. Depending on the situation and what I feel like, I change my supplementary techniques, while astrology remains the primary technique. Rarely I use the swaras independently to predict quickly in cases requiring a simple yes or no answer, but in that case I synchronize the results with some sakuna. Generally, you will find confirmation for your conclusion, if only you can see. Nature speaks to man all the time. If one understands the phenomenon of Synchronicity (see my earlier article on Synchronicity elsewhere) properly, they all fit well. There is no contradiction between the Swara, Prasna (horary chart), Sakuna (omen), Birth chart and Oracle, all of which are various tools and methods that the astrologer uses. The effectiveness, simplicity and level of clarity of the tool or method used is actually all in the mind of the astrologer. And it comes with practice and hard work.

    Other points to be noted are:

    • Querent on the side of active swara of the astrologer is good; on the opposite side, indicates failure.
    • If both the querent's and the astrologer's active swara is same then it is inauspicious.
    • If Sushumna continues for a very long time then also it is inauspicious.
    (See the following table for various combinations)

    Other methods :

    • If the querent is standing and the Astrologer's Lunar swara is active then the querent has to face some obstacles in his path before the final victory or defeat. If the querent is standing and solar swara is active then results will be easy and immediate.

    • Add the number of words in the question. If the question is asked when Ida of the astrologer is active and the total number is even, early victory can be predicted. If Sushumna or Pingala flows it could be defeat. If the total is odd and Pingala flows, victory should be predicted.


    "With some Sadhana or practice, it is possible to gain some level of confidence in ascertaining the swara and correlating it to the zodiacal sign or planet as the situation demands. After completing all astrological work, then only one may verify one's answer through swara. Indiscriminate use of this technique is to be avoided. I will not write more on this, since it is not good for a beginner. The mature student doesn't need more, because the clue I have given here is enough for him to grasp the point. But remember, you should have studied the phenomenon of synchronicity in AWARENESS, in order to derive the full benefit of this kind of technique. Moreover through such an understanding you will know when to use this knowledge

    "Queries related to pregnanacy :

    In case of any questions related to pregnancy the astrologer's lunar swara active, indicates a girl and if his solar swara is active, then a male child. Here one has to check the flow carefully as Sushumna indicates abortion, miscarriage etc. One can cross check the result with other short methods by using the concept of elements. As previously stated the duration of flow of swara can be divided into five parts and each part is given an element."

    "Depending on the time of the Prasna, under which element it falls (i.e., during its ruling time in a given nadi), the prediction is given.

    Earth- girl
    Water-boy Air- girl
    Ether- eunuch.

    "If both swaras alternate -twins (i.e., if the swara changes at the time of the query).
    This part is not easy and hence, it is recommended that you should not attempt to learn from a book.
    "Note: The durations of the flow may vary from person to person, as it requires a natural state of health. So while using this one has to make sure of one's state of health."

    If one wants a male child or a female child:
    "For a male child: It is advisable to have sex on fertile days falling on even tithis. Female's flow should be Ida and male's Pingala. For best result make sure that the earthy tatwa is predominant
    For a Female child: Couples wishing for a female child should reverse the above method."

    "Given below is a table showing the activities to be taken up during the flow of particular swaras."
    "Activities for Ida swara (Lunar/right brain/Left nostril)"
    "The Lunar Energy"
    • Yogabhyasa (Learning Yoga)
    • Drinking water
    • Urination
    • Starting a meal
    • Building a new house
    • Constructing water reservoirs
    • Prayers
    • Purchasing and Wearing ornaments.
    • Long distance journeys
    • Charitable and pious deeds
    • Foundation laying ceremonies
    • Arranging marriages
    • Buying selling and commercial activities
    • Starting medication
    • Meeting higher authorities
    • Approaching someone for getting acquainted
    • Entering a house
    • Starting academic pursuits
    • Buying property or vehicles
    • Getting into a conveyance
    • Keeping wealth
    • Starting a new colony
    • Colonization of a village/city
    • Purchase of lands/property
    • Buying and selling (commercial)
    • Accumulating and earning wealth
    • Planting
    • Gardening
    • Cultivation
    • Horticulture
    • Buying vehicles
    • Wearing new ornaments
    • Jewelry and clothes
    • Long Distant journeys
    • Proceeding on a journey to some far off place
    • Prayers
    • Foundation laying ceremonies
    • Other auspicious functions
    • Entering an ashram for Spiritual or inner growth
    • Friendship
    • Giving charity
    • Learning
    • Starting academic pursuits
    • Debates, Discussion
    • Sexual intercourse (women) (men)
    • Sending a messenger
    • Employing servants
    • Conference
    • Meeting of relatives and friends
    • Back to home
    • Arranging marriages
  6. Aum

    Aum New Member

    Activities for Pingala swara (solar:Left brain/ RIGHT NOSTRIL )

    "The Solar Energy"
    "Intense Yogic Sadhana"

    • Hatha yoga
    • Hard yogic disciplines
    • Initiation into practice of arms and weapons
    • Handling weapons
    • Teaching war
    • Invasion of some foreign territory
    • Riding
    • Boating
    • Mountaineering
    • Fighting (commencement of fights)
    • Boxing
    • Wrestling
    • Exercise (physical)
    • Starting a game
    • Eating (slow eating)
    • Bathing, Shaving
    • Defecating
    • Sleeping
    • Making bricks
    • Breaking stones
    • Wood Construction
    • Cutting or pruning plants
    • Sale
    • Purchase /sale of birds/animals
    • Short journeys, going on adventures
    • Exorcism (driving out devils)
    • Investigation
    • Construction & performance of

    "The Mantras & Yantras"

    • Yantra
    • Cruel deeds
    • Consuming alcohol
    • Stealing & deceiving
    • Speculative activities
    • Gambling
    • Meeting with government officer
    • Killing and attacking
    • Filing court cases
    • Causing hatred amongst two groups of people
    • Taking on enemy
    • Thieving
    • Commencement of fights
    • Quarrelling
    • Combating
    • Writing of books, letters
    • Pictures
    • Learning / teaching occult sciences
    • Interacting with the opposite sex
    • Cruel deeds
    • Consuming alcohol
    • Studying scriptures
    • Going on adventures
    • Starting a game
    • Making of stones
    • Shining valuable stones and gems
    • Speculative activities
    • Any form of communication
    • Killing and attacking
    • Causing hatred among two people
    • Motivating people
    • While going to sleep
    • Singing
    • Studying scriptures
    • Learning musi
    • Sculpting, cutting,
    • Chiselling, carpent
    • Commencement of educat
    • Pleading
    • Meeting the king or officers
    • Going near some unknown person
    • Leaving home
    Note: It might seem ludicrous that the above list includes certain routine things like eating and defecating, things that one cannot or need not check the swara for. But if the body-mind is in a natural state, such things happen when the appropriate swara is dominant. Perhaps one need not even try to change the swara, for it will happen naturally. I have included these in the list for two reasons. Firstly to give the reader a taste of the original concept as one would find it in the ancient texts. Secondly, because it might interest a few academically.

    "श्री*"ॐ"~"श्री*~*"ॐ"~"श्री*~"ॐ"~"श्री* "ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ" "*"श्री*"ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ"श्री*"ॐ
    "Every body in Universe standing at the window of Duality, looking at Duality, while being influenced in all aspects of Life by DUALITY, we talk about NON- DUALITY. This is our Pitiable Situation & Condition of Individual One"

    "The Divine Theory of Advaita (non duality) were introduced by Bhagvad Shankracharya ( 1350 years ago). He manifest the Goal of Advata (non duality) & obligated the human race for the welfare of living & non living.The revered Bhagawan Shankracharya included all paths & practices in the Divine Path of Non- Duality. He offered "Suandaraya Lahiri " to World & also gave formal acceptance to Tantrik Spiritual Practices. The final goal of His Life was Non- Duality. To attain that Goal a person must follow some Spiritual Path or another, purify his Chitta (psyche, mind stuff), and be worthy of non- duality. His non -duality was not opposed to any spiritual practice, rather it was the foundation of all Spiritual Path of Universe."

    "It was an Divine Ocean in which all kinds of waves would rise, and into which rivers would flow from all directions. It was like an Infinite Sky where innumerable small & big stars would spread their own Light."
    "We want to jump straight to the non- duality state, ignoring the Spiritual Paths of Bhakti (devotion), Yoga & karma (actions). We also Ignore detached Karma, which weakens Prarabdha (destiny created by past Karma) & prepares the foundation for the experience of Non - Duality."
    "We ridicule Devotion, which fills the heart, mind & chitta & give rise to an ordent desire for non- duality."
    "We believe that Yoga that brings control over mind & chitta, purifies the power of discretion , and makes one worthy of grasping the Vedanta (True & Pure Knowledge) is superfluous."
    "Every body in Universe standing at the window of Duality, looking at Duality, while being influenced in all aspects of Life by DUALITY, we talk about NON- DUALTY. This is our Pitiable Situation & Condition"
    "Even when fully besieged by Maya (the grand Illusion, In modern Life it is Materialism), we say that Maya is False.It is True that , in principle, Maya is not Real, but its Falsehood must be experienced . As long as one is influenced by the ILLUSORY WORLD it is a Grand Mistake to call the World an Illusion."
    "We forget that comparative analysis itself involves Duality Comparison is Only possible between Two, and hence Non - Duality can never be proven with comparative Analysis."
    "Authority over Vedanta is achieved after the study of Karma Yoga(in action based spiritual path), Bhakti Yoga ( a devotion based spiritual path, & so forth, wherein the Awakening of the SHAKTI (divine Power) plays key role."

    "The System of FOURFOLD Vedanta Sadhana is a Kind of Yoga, but today we have Turned a Blind Eye to it."

    "Listening, thinking and conemplating are our areas of FOCUS Today. Many so called Egoistic Intellectuals People wander around as Sadhaks in the absence of INNER PREPSREDNESS."

    "They do not Find GOD: rather , their Mind & Chitta (mind stuff, psyche ) keeps on getting filled with Pride & other mental Vices."

    "श्री*"ॐ"~"श्री*~*"ॐ"~"श्री*~"ॐ"~"श्री* "ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ" "*"श्री*"ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ"श्री*"ॐ

    "The Important Divine Upanishads "

    "Of the many Upanishads, Eighteen have been quoted in the commetaries of Adi Shankara and are held as the most important."

    "They are (1). ISA (2). Kena (3). Katha (4) Aitareya (5). Taittiriya (6). Prashna (7). Mundaka (8). Mandukya (9) Chhandogya (10). Brihadaranyaka (11). Svetashvatara (12). Kaushitaki Brahmana (13). Maitrayani (14). Narayana (15). Jabala ((16). Arunika (17). Kaivalya (180. Brahma Binsu."

    "The First ten among them are most Renoned and are called together "DASOPANSHADA"."

    * ॐ~Guru Tattwa, Poetyca,Prarabdha ~ॐ*

    "श्री*"ॐ"~"श्री*~*"ॐ"~"श्री*~"ॐ"~"श्री* "ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ" "*"श्री*"ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ"श्री*"ॐ

    "The main Commentators of Vedas."

    "The main commentators of the Vedas are:

    (1). Shri Madhavacharya
    .(2). Shri Mahidar
    (3). Shri Dayanand Saraswati
    (4) Shri Skandaswamy
    (5). Shri Aurobibdo and
    (6). Shri Kapil Shastri."

    * ॐ~Guru Tattwa, Poetyca,Prarabdha ~ॐ*

    "श्री*"ॐ"~"श्री*~*"ॐ"~"श्री*~"ॐ"~"श्री* "ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ" "*"श्री*"ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ"श्री*"ॐ

    "The Important Upanshads "

    "Of the many Upanishads, Eighteen have been quoted in the commetaries of Adi Shankara and are held as the most important."

    "They are (1). ISA (2). Kena (3). Katha (4) Aitareya (5). Taittiriya (6). Prashna (7). Mundaka (8). Mandukya (9) Chhandogya (10). Brihadaranyaka (11). Svetashvatara (12). Kaushitaki Brahmana (13). Maitrayani (14). Narayana (15). Jabala ((16). Arunika (17). Kaivalya (180. Brahma Binsu."

    "The First ten among them are most Renoned and are called together "DASOPANSHADA"."

    * ॐ~Guru Tattwa, Poetyca,Prarabdha ~ॐ*

    "श्री*"ॐ"~"श्री*~*"ॐ"~"श्री*~"ॐ"~"श्री* "ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ" "*"श्री*"ॐ"*"श्री*"ॐ"श्री*"ॐ

    "A fact which every person should hold in mind every moment, he does not remember."

    Even after seeing this "Divine Sport of Death", no one is reminded of his own death."

    And who knows what fallacies he nurtures within him as wanders around."

    The Lord (God) forth creation; "TIME" ( KAAL) Swallows it ups."

    The Terrible Death Dance of time has continued since the beginning."

    At every movement the world is Dissolving inside the Check of Time (Kaal).!

    * ॐ~Guru Tattwa, Poetyca,Prarabdha ~ॐ*
    VIA: Kaushal Bansal

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