The Top 10 Hindu Goddesses: Devi – The Root Word of Divine & the Word Representing Shakti

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    The word Devine’s root is what represents the Hindu Goddess who as per Hindu Religion is known as Devi, and the masculine term for the same is Deva. Devi which also means Shakti and is the female aspect of divinity is the form which completes her counterpart, the masculine energy which represents consciousness or discrimination.

    Where on one hand these Goddesses being praised often are known and learned about all the time, there are a few forms of Hindu Goddesses about who very few of us know about. Hence with the help of this article we will try to provide a bit of an insight about these top 10 Hindu Goddesses, which might aspire you to research and know more about them.

    So here goes the list of ten lesser known top 10 Hindu Goddesses of Hindu religion:

    · AdiParashakti – She is the Devi or Hindu Goddess who is the supreme being and is recognised as the one who helps in attainment of the ultimate goal which in Hindu language is known as Para Brahman. As per the Devi BhagwataMahapurana it is believed that she is the original creator, observer as well as the destroyer of the entire universe.

    · Chandi–She is also Known as Chandikaor Ran-Chandi is the supreme Goddess of Devi Mahatmya (a Hindu religious text depicting the victory of Goddess Durga over the ferocious demon Mahishasura). Chandi the great energy is considered to be born from the accumulated energies of the male deities, this combined energy then became supernova and took the form of the female Goddess.

    · Jagaddhatri – She too is a form of Devi Durga and her worship is done mostly in West Bengal in India. Her festival is celebrated at the time of Goshastami. As per the Tantra as well as PuranaJagaddhatri is described as the being of the colour of the sun donned with three eyes and four arms.

    · Kamakhya – She is one of the most important Tantric Goddess who evolved in the mountains of Himalayas. She is also considered to be a part of the supreme Goddess Kali and also as a part of Maha Tripura Sundari. She had been mentioned in the KalikaPurana and has been referred as Mahamaya.

    · Katyayini – She is the sixth form amongst the Navadurga avatars and is worshipped during the celebrations of Navaratri. If we go by the Hindu mythology she that is Goddess Katyayini was born to Katyayan Rishi, and she is worshipped on the sixth day of Navaratri.

    · Goddess Tarini – She is considered to be one of the personifications of Shakti and presides in the shrines of Odissa one of the states of India. She has been depicted as Deity with red face and two real large eyes and a mark which is an indication of her nose and as well as her Tilak.

    · Manasa – She is the goddess of Hindu folk worshipped as the Goddess of snake. She is chiefly worshiped for the cure of snakebite, but not only that she is also worshipped for fertility as well as prosperity.

    · Nandni – Nandni is another name of goddess Durga and the meaning of this word is daughter. The other name of Goddess Nandni is Nandore. As per Hindu mythology she was the daughter of Yashoda who was killed by Kansa.

    · Rohini–As per mythological belief of Hindu religion she is the companion of Vasudeva and is the surrogate mother of Balarama and also the mother of Subhadra, she is also considered as partial incarnation of Surabhi Maa.

    · Santoshi – She is respected for being the Goddess of satisfaction which is also the meaning of her name. It is believed that if the women fast for sixteen consecutive Fridays then she will earn the favour of the Goddess.

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