The Yoga of Knowledge and the Yoga of Action both lead to Supreme Bliss

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    The Yoga of Knowledge and the Yoga of Action both lead to supreme Bliss or liberation of the Self. Of the two, however, the Yoga of Action being easier of practice is superior to the Yoga of Knowledge. A person practising yoga of knowledge must believe, even though seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating or drinking, walking, sleeping, breathing, speaking, answering the calls of nature, grasping, and opening or closing the eyes, that he does nothing, holding that it is the senses that are moving among their objects. He, who acts offering all actions to God, and shaking off attachment, remains untouched by sin, as the lotus leaf by water. A person practising yoga of action must perform action only with his senses, mind and intellect and body as well, withdrawing the feeling of mine in respect of them and shaking off attachment, simply for the sake of self-purification. Offering the fruit of actions to God such a person attains everlasting peace in the shape of God realization, whereas, he who works with a selfish motive, being attached to the fruit of actions through desire, gets tied down. God determines neither the doership nor the doings of men, nor even their contact with the fruit of actions; but it is nature alone that functions. The omnipresent God does not receive the virtue or sin of anyone. Knowledge is enveloped in ignorance; hence it is that beings are constantly falling a prey to delusion. In the case, however, of those whose said ignorance has been set aside by true knowledge of God, that wisdom shining like the sun reveals the supreme.


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