Third Myth/Truth in Hinduism

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    Hinduism advances stratification of society under the "standing framework" and energizes victimization the less lucky.


    The standing framework, initially portrayed in the Vedas, however abundantly manhandled and insulted throughout the years, is only a representation of an effective human culture. The four standings portrayed in the sacred texts are - the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas, and the Shudras. As indicated by the Vedas, a proficient human culture depends on the quality of its instructive/learning interest framework (Brahmin), its military and protection framework (Kshatriya), its conservative and business framework (Vaishya), and a solid, upbeat, profitable workforce (Shudras).

    This respectable representation was confounded, misused, and mishandled by a couple in the Indian culture, prompting the aimless making of a great many standings and sub-ranks, including the supposed "upper" positions. Luckily, the standing framework has been pretty much annulled since Indian freedom and the qualifications are starting to vanish and there is a noteworthy change at least with the informed and youthful.

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