Top 10 Hindu Names For Baby Girl

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    Top 10 Hindu Baby Girl Names along with meaning and significance as listed below :

    1) Saanvi - सानवी

    Saanvi is One of the most popular name among Hindus for baby girl.

    Significance and meaning : Saanvi, is a name of Goddess Lakshmi.
    As name play's very important roles in the life of person , this name will give strength to baby and this name symbolizes the feminine qualities such as grace, beauty, wealth and generosity
    Since birth of daughter is said to be blessing of Godess laxmi this name would suit for any baby girl.

    Alternate spellings of the name: Sanvi, Saanvee, Sanvy, Shanvi, Sanvee, Sunvee, Sanavi.

    2) Aadhya - आध्या

    Aadhya is another very popular name among Hindus for baby girl.

    Significance and meaning : Aadhya, is one of the names of Goddess Durga.
    This name is sign of strength and courage hence anyone who wants their baby girl to be strong and courageous should try this name.

    Alternate spelllings of the name: Aadya, Adhyaa, Adya, Adhiya, Aadhaya.

    3) Aanya - आन्या

    Language of Origin : Sanskrit
    Anaya means 'God answers' and is a tremendous name for baby girl.
    Anya means 'grace', a much loved feminine quality that parents feel is appropriate for their daughter.
    Alternate spellings: Aanya, Aneeya, Annya, Anyaa, Anyah, Aaniya, Aanyaa, Aneya, Aneiyah.

    4) Aadhya - आद्य

    Language of origin :Sanskrit

    Words: adya = at the beginning

    Alternate spellings : Aradhya, Aada, Aanya, Aaradhya, Adya, Cahya, Hadya, Nadya, Yahya

    5) Anika - अनिका

    Anika is another name for Goddess Durga. It is also a Scandinavian form of Anna, from the Hebrew hanna, meaning "grace".

    Alternate spellings: Anica, Annikah, Anikaa, Aanika, Annika, Aneeqa

    6) Aarna - आरना

    Aarna is another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

    Many parents choose this name for their baby girl as they believe it will bring wealth, fortune, prosperity and beauty -- all that the Goddess symbolises!

    Alternate spellings: Arna, Arnaa, Arana, Aarnah.

    7) Aditi - अदिति

    Aditi means 'free' and 'unbound'. It's a name for the Goddess of the sky, consciousness, the past, the future and fertility.

    Alternate spellings: Adeeti, Adhiti, Aditty, Adheethi, Adithee, Adhithi.

    8) Aarohi - आरोही

    Aarohi means a 'musical note' and there's no denying music is an inspiration for many parents.

    Alternate spellings: Aarohee, Arohi, Arohie, Aarouhi.

    9) Aaradhya - आराध्या

    Meaning 'one worth worshiping'
    Aaradhya, means 'one worth worshiping'.

    Alternate spellings: Aradhya, Aaradhya, Aradhyaa, Aardhya, Aaradhiya, Araadhiyaa, Aaradya.

    10) Diya/ दीया

    Diya means a 'little lamp' and no doubt, little girls brighten their parents' world!

    Alternate spelling: Dia, Dhiya, Dhia, Deeya, Dea, Deah, Diyaa
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