Top 10 Principles of Success from Bhagvad Gita

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    Top 10 Principles of Success from Bhagvad Gita :

    Point 1 : Actions are the cause , results are the effect.
    Point 2 : Focusing on the cause is the right way to bring proper effects.
    Point 3 : Desire are the greatest obstacles for success in any field as it makes us to focus on effects and not on cause.
    Point 4 :When the focus is on effects and not on cause the energy crucial for success is lost.
    Point 5 :One who remains in equanimity both in success and failure has higher chance of success , as he can bear the failure.
    Point 6 : People who had been very successful , has crossed more failures, than the people who had lesser success.
    Point 7 : One must carry his action, according to his swadharma ( his inherent tendencies) without slightest concern of success and failure.
    Point 8 : The material success is a passing away phenomenon, as any success which is related to the world, passes away . It is only spiritual success, that is lasting and would remain life after life.
    Point 9 : Living the life according to eternal principles (Dharma), helps one to taste permanent success.
    Point 10 : The greatest success is wining the mind . Even one who have conquered the whole world , cannot stand against a man, who has conquered his mind . That’s how Alexander wined the whole world , but fail to stand against Dandamis a Indian Holy man ,who has conquered his mind.
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    Shri Madh Bhagwat Gita is not only source of success in life but it also teaches as management of life in different works of life.
    Tnx for lovely post

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