Top Ten Hindu Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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    Here is the list of top ten Hindu baby names for boys and girls expected to be popular in the year 2015


    Aarav (peaceful, wisdom, musical note)
    Vivaan (first ray of the sun, full of life)
    Aditya (Sun)
    Vihaan (dawn, beginning of a new era)
    Arjun (bright or shining)
    Reyansh (part of lord Vishnu, ray of light)
    Muhammad (the praised one)
    Sai (divine)
    Arnav (ocean)
    Ayaan (good luck and destiny)


    Saanvi (goddess Lakshmi)
    Aanya (grace)
    Aadhya (goddess Durga)
    Aaradhya (one worth worshipping)
    Ananya (incomparable)
    Pari (a fairy)
    Anika (grace)
    Navya (young)
    Angel (messenger from God)
    Diya (lamp, light)
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