True Love Of Mother

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    A heart touching story, read it in hindi, thought of sharing with all :
    An 8 yr old boy's mom expired.

    His dad married a woman, thinking she will take care of the child.

    After few days, dad went out of city and when he returned back, he asked the child,'Hows your new mom? Is she better than your old mom?'

    Child replied,'My old mom was a liar. This new mom is a true lady.'

    Stunned by the child's reply, his dad asks why he said so?

    The child replied,'When i used to be naughty my old mom said she wouldn't give me anything to eat for three days, but after some time she gave me food.
    But its been three days when i last made a mistake and my new mom hasn't given me anything to eat.'

    This story is a tribute to every mom in this world, and a salute to mother's love.

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