Types of people dealt by God

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    There are five types of people in this world dealt by God.

    The first type people have real love towards God and sacrifice practically to God. The Lord rewards them with infinite and real fruit.

    The second type of people sacrifice practically but want to achieve ten times more. Such people are businessmen. They invest little and aspire for more profit. The Lord returns back whatever such people sacrificed. The Lord also gives the extra expected by them but that extra is from their account only.

    The third type of the people sacrifice words by prayers and feelings throw devotion without any practical sacrifice. Such people are in the path of a prostitute who also sacrifices sweet words and sweet feelings to extract something practically from a person. The Lord fulfills their aspiration by drawing the good result of their good deal from their future birth. T

    the fourth type of people are atheists.
    They enjoying the world created by the Lord and abuse the Lord. The Lord will keep silent towards them in this world. The Lord uses the atheists to test His devotees. He will observe whether such atheists can affect His devotee. Later on the atheist will be severely punished by the Lord.

    The fifth type of people neither recognizes nor abuses the Lord. They simply enjoy the world without bothering about the Lord. The Lord will throw such people into the births of animals, birds, worms etc. In such births one can enjoy the world without worrying about the Lord.
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    God has to deal with all type of people, the people who loves God, the people who hates God and the people who don't believe in God's existence. But God loves all them.

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