Understanding Attachment: A scientific approach

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    What is attachment? Is it same as Love?

    You bring any two materials together for a long period of time and close together in space. Do you know what happens?

    You bring iron and cobalt, a block of iron and a block of cobalt, together and you keep them together for long periods of time and close together in space. Now what happens?

    For ten years keep them together or for twenty years, what will happen?

    They get attached to each other.

    That is attachment. They will get attached to each other. That is what even brain is like. Anything that it remains close to and anything that it remains close to for a long period of time and space, it gets attached to that. Nothing more than that, simple, direct.

    Since the day you were born what have you been close to?

    Even more than parents, you have been close to something else, what is that?

    Your own body. So, you are most attached to your body. And there is nothing deep or complex about it. It is just a property of material to become attached.

    Experimental Evidence: A experiment was done conducted in which a newly born kid is kept very close to a wall. You feed him near the wall, you keep him near the wall, wherever he goes let there be a wall and he will get very-very attached to that wall. In fact, so attached that if the experiment is conducted properly, he will start saying, “I am this wall“.

    That’s the law of the brain; that’s how brain operates, in time and space. And attachment is the action of time and space.

    Long time – Attachment!
    Close together – Attachment!

    You could as well express it as a mathematical formula:

    A= [K*(t^n)]/ (S^m)

    Do you see this?

    We do not know the values of K, n and m but what we know is that the attachment is directly proportional to length of time and inversely proportional to space; that much is certain, for surely certain.

    ‪Via : ShriPrashant‬

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