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    Not so known story of Cow Slaughter

    This eye opener post was published on the facebook wall of Sumedha Sarvadaman. I will not try to add or remove anything from this well researched post.
    Salute and thanks to the writer for her great efforts.

    "Once upon a time, after a drink too many at a Secret Treehouse Club meeting, some got an epiphany which they then called the 'IDEA OF INDIA'. And this rotten stinking banana called 'IDEA OF INDIA', they now claim is 'UNDER ATTACK'. Ideally they should have dropped it long back, but our Durbari Intellectuals & Servantile Journos have been orgasming over it, ever since the unfortunate lynching of one Akhlaq in Dadri.

    'Idea of India is under Attack'. 'This is BJP's attempt at a Muslim Genocide'. 'Modi's, Saffron Taliban'. 'Shame on Modi for creating a Hindutva Votebank'. 'Hindus are a murdering, lynching, blackening soul of India'. Obama's 'Dadri is an act of terror'. On & on & on & on... (These are all actual statements made by well know 'celebrities'). But this hormonal ecstasy from the 'Idea of India' Brigade, apart..

    None told us that cattle stealing is the world's oldest illegitimate 'trade'. And that civilisations have been been destroyed due to it. No one questioned how the world's largest and most dangerous cow smuggling 'trade' exists at the India-Bangladesh border where hundreds of humans die each year to sustain nearly 5% of BD's 'legal' beef & leather economy. At times two rival smuggling gangs kill each other. At times innocent by-standers are knocked off. At times bodies of our para-military, police, and cow protectionists are found. At times Cow smugglers are burnt or beaten alive. And at times BSF soldiers who seize cattle are killed by mob attackers who are backed by the smuggling gangs.

    No one questioned, if Dadri is amongst the largest Inland Container Depots (ICD) for bovine meat in India, where are they procuring the cattle from? Considering India has no farms for 'cattle rearing for slaughter'. Considering milk and dairy produce is fast diminishing in UP. No one asked, if the packed bovine meat being exported from India, is checked for whether it is Cow Beef, Buff or Carabeef. Does anyone know? Yes now the govt is planning to put up testing labs at ports.

    No one questioned as to which cow smuggling corridors are used to transport over 2,500 cows for slaughter to Kerala each night. Or for that matter which states and which smuggling corridors are involved in transporting 25,000 cattle to the BD border each night.

    None of Delhi's lynch mob Media asked as to how and who are involved in brutally kidnapping 40,000 cows from the streets of Delhi and selling them to illegal slaughter houses. None questioned as to how there are over 30,000 illegal slaughter houses when the legal ones are 3,600. No one asked, if rearing a single cow is so expensive then how on blooming earth is it being called a 'poor man's meal'?

    This Cow Mafia is too huge and too loaded to even begin imagining. So more on that later.

    For now and not complying with the 'Idea of India' , I did a cursory Bing search and this is what I found. Barring 3, all the below mentioned incidents are from the last 2 or 3 months (check dates). This will give you an idea of how deep is this shithouse...

    1. 30,000 Indian soldiers at the India-Bangladesh borders are risking their lives each night, fighting the powerful and armed cow smuggling Mafia, to protect Indian cattle from illegally crossing over to our Muslim neighbours. 90,000 cows saved so far (TOI 3.7.2015)

    2. 15 year old Sanju Rathore shot dead in Rampur UP, when Mohammad Altaf and others from his community, indiscriminately opened fire on the Rathore community, over a cattle dispute. (India Today 15.7.2015)

    3. Cow Shelter owner Sandeep Kataria shot dead by secular Cow Smugglers in Gurgaon (NewsX 15.10.2015)

    4. Prashant Poojari a 29 yr old anti cow slaughter activist and flower vendor from Moodbidri, Mangalore, hacked to death by a 'secular' gang (Dajiworld 9.10.2015)

    5. Vaman Poojari (68) the key eyewitness in the anti cow slaughter activist Prashant Poojari murder case was found hanging. (Dajiworld 15.10.2015)

    6. Sub Inspector Manoj Mishra was shot dead by cattle smugglers in Faridpur UP, as he tried to stop them from carrying 60 cattle. (PTI 10.9.2015)

    7. A 200 strong Muslim mob launched a brutal attack on a police team from Navsari, Gujarat, when the police had gone there to prevent illegal cow slaughter (Muslim Mirror 11.10.2014)

    8. Mahendra Munnot, a 49 yr old social activist/writer from Karnataka was attacked and severely beaten by a mob, for writing a book on why cow slaughter should be banned (1.10.2014 TOI)

    9. Tension gripped the Bharuch village in Gujarat, when a dead calf was found on the hotel premises of Sikander Rasool. (11.10.2015 Wiki News India)

    10. Interestingly, Bharuch is the same district which has long been known as the nursery of Wahabism and where on the eve of the Godhra train burning (that killed 59 Hindus) in February, 2002, dozens of cows were openly slaughtered in the district’s Tankara village and the beef was sold openly, in complete violation of not just the Hindu sentiment but the anti-slaughter law itself. The entire episode was recorded by a cow protection worker. (13.10.2015 DailyO)

    11. Tension brewed in Udhampur, J&K when carcasses of 3 Cows were found. Shops downed their shutters as people took to the streets. (PTI 8.10.2015)

    12. Tension gripped Chithera village of Dadri after locals noticed a cow carcass dumped near the Ridge area, leading to major protests (TNN 5.10.2015)

    13. Four Muslims arrested for running a buffalo slaughter racket in Meerut (5.8.2015 TOI)

    14. Trucks carrying 165 Buffalo Calves for slaughter to Kerala seized. Secular Perpetrators had destroyed the eyes of all the calves with chilli and glass powder (11.19.2015 TOI)

    15. Violence broke out in Mainpuri UP, after some Muslims were allegedly caught slaughtering a cow. (IE 10.10.2015)

    16. Violence in Aligarh. Police arrested Qureshi when they recovered two cows and 500 kgs of beef in his possession. While he was being brought to the police station, a mob of local Muslims gathered and started pelting stones at the police team, helping Qureshi escape (IE 15.9.2015)

    17. Violence broke out in Aligarh when a vehicle was caught carrying cow carcass and beef. (IE 15.9.2015)

    18. Rahul Eshar was nearly lynched for not supporting a beef festival in Kerala. (8.10.2015)

    19. An independent legislator and MLA Abdur Rashid threw a beef party at MLA Hostel in Srinagar to deliberately instigate religious sentiments, while openly violating the anti slaughter law of JnK. (8.10.2015)

    20. Many in Kerala hosted Beef parties, challenging Hindus to kill them. (Oct 2015)

    21. Taxi driver hired by UP cops to chase cow smugglers, killed (TNN 22.9.2014)

    22. Three Muslims in Ranchi arrested for throwing Meat inside four Hindu Temples (IE 28.9.2015)

    23. Violent Protest in Madanpalle as 100s of cows and cattle meant for slaughtering were seized from Muslim Idgah (The Hindu 27.9.2015)

    24. Section 144 imposed as tension gripped Assam when Muslim boys threw cow body parts in many temples in Assam (Midday 26.9.2015)

    25. Rampant Cattle theft, lead angry villagers to protest against the police in Bulandshahr UP (Jagran 29.9.2015)

    26. Massive protests in Sururpur UP, as remains of six dead cows were found in a Muslim family's fields (Jagran 6.9.2019)

    27. Violence erupted in Azamgarh UP, when Hindus protested against Cow Smugglers (Jagran 6.9.2015)

    28. Communal violence erupted in Ittar Atta UP when heads of 26 cows were found in Imanullah's fields. (Jagran 6.9.2015)

    DO THESE MURDERS, ILLEGAL SLAUGHTERS, SMUGGLING, ONGOING VIOLENCE, BIGOTRY, PROTESTS, NOT COUNT FOR ANYTHING? And if they don't then this Brigade needs to take their 'Idea of India' and SHOVE IT!"


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