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    Muslims are slowly and steadily infiltrating into our societies. Their main aim is to spread Sharia and Islam in Non-Islamic nations worldwide and eventually take over. This is the true objective of JIHAD in today's world - i.e annihilating us either by force, war or by soft methods of infiltration. They talk about equality and human rights while being in Minority, but once in majority, then they enforce Sharia and F***K the native civilization and culture and way of life. Wherever Muslims go, they have have problems and create troubles.. be it Bharat (India), Israel, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria, Russia, US, EU, Australia etc. etc. we all are facing the same threat - a worldwide evil cult whose true face is ISIS. All Muslims may not be bad but their religion is definitely evil, which is the driving force of these fanatics.

    The main Modus operandi of Muslims being - infiltrate a place, country - overpopulate the specific place like roaches and rats.. and when they start growing in population - demand Sharia , step up attacks on Non Muslims and in final stage - when they are in majority they claim it is an Islamic state/ Islamic land./Islamic country and forcefully enforce Islamic laws and their sick ways of life on Kafirs / Non Muslims and start forceful conversions and persecution of minorities.

    A classic example is the Bhartiya (Indian) state of Kashmir, which was for time immemorial part of ancient Hindu Bharat (India).. till the Muslims invaded the Indian subcontinent some 1,300 years ago, brought Islam to India/ Indian subcontinent, grew in numbers and now claim that kashmir has always been an Islamic state, where the majority of Muslim Kashmiris supported the Islamic terrorists killing and driving out all the native Kashmiri Hindu pandits out of their own land and now while the majority of Muslims in Kashmir wants to join the Islamic Rep. of Pakistan .. some want an independent Islamic nation of Kashmir! Meanwhile the real Hindus Pandits of kashmir are refugees in their own country - Bahrat (India).. Unbelievable but it's the truth. That's why kashmir has been always the main issue and cause of wars between Bharat (India) and Pakistan, since the British left the Indian subcontinent, back in 1947.

    Another example being, after Bharat (India) won it's Independence from the British, and in that unfortunate process, the greater Bharat (India) got divided into Islamic nation of Pakistan (later the East Pakistan became a separate nation of Islamic rep. of Bangladesh). While the division of nation took place on religious grounds, and the Muslims of Indian subcontinent got a new nation for themselves, but unfortunately the leaders of new modern Bharat (India) belonging to fucked up, Anti-Hindu Indian national Congress political party (whose leader was Gandhi, who by the way was a big admirer of Muslims and Islam), who let the Muslims stay on in Bharat (India) i,e made India's constitution Secular, when they should have not allowed any Muslims to stay back in India. It made sense .. that when a separate nation was carved out of the Indian subcontinent for the Muslims, why the hell the modern leaders of India in 1947 allowed the Muslims to stay back? Consequences? While nearly all the minorities including the Hindus and Sikhs were slaughtered and persecuted and forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan (and later the Hindus and Buddhists in Bangladesh) or driven away to newly formed modern secular nation of India but in contrast the Muslim population in India kept on growing so much so that even though the Muslims were hardly less than 5% of India's population way back in 1947, but today according to unofficial estimates they form atleast 30% of India's population, where in some states like Kashmir and West Bengal they are majority in all or many districts! None of this would have happened if Muslims were not being allowed to stay back in modern India. The official figure of-course claims that Muslims form only 15% of India's population, which is totally false. And hence the demise of Bharat (India) - home to world's oldest civilization - the ancient Hindu Vedic civilization.. has begun. Some sources estimate, at the rate the Muslim population of Bharat (India) is growing.. soon it will overtake Hindus (Sikhs,Buddhists,Christians etc. combined) in coming few decades or so. And then, the native Hindus will once again be persecuted in their own land, just like they were when the first Islamic invasion of Indian subcontinent started some 1,300 years ago. Is Europe and the west heading towards the same path?

    Yet another example being, the Muslims worldwide will cry and make unnecessary issues over Israel-Palestine issue, but the fact remains that the Palestinian people themselves are to be blamed for their misfortune. People of Palestine elect Islamic terror groups like Hamas to power, who in turn use all the aid by different countries for terrorism purposed and training children as suicide bombers. They will dig tunnels for miles to try to infiltrate into Israel and use children as bomb shield when Israel is forced to defend itself.. but never will Hamas do any good for it's people like building roads, infrastructure or facilitates for education and Health. Yet worldwide the Retarded Muslims and Leftists supporting them will cry for Free Palestine slogan. pathetic!

    Today... unfortunately, majority of people do not understand this evil game plan of Islam and deception of Muslims (Taqiya) in general and think of them as humans thereby giving these subhumans equal status in our civilized societies. In western countries if you talk against the atrocities and evils of Muslims and Islam, you will be called as Racists (but truth is - a person belonging to any race can be a Muslim and race has nothing to do with this evil ideology.. but hey! who listens? ) while in Bharat (India) those nationalists who speak out against Islam are called Hindu Fascists, Communal and what not.
    Such examples are plenty around the world. The Muslims will do anything.. act good to gain trust of masses while in minority..but will show their true colour once in majority.Even while being in minority, they continue to do sick acts like molesting, raping our women and girls, playing Love Jihad by luring in Non Muslim girls.. marrying them and producing more Muslim kids.

    Of course, the Muslims are wholeheartedly supported by the Communists/Leftists, Liberals, so called Seculars (PseudoSeculars) in majority of democracies ( such as say India, Western countries etc.), often the ruling governments (who turn a blind eye to this whole problem) and obviously backed by massive Arab funds (where the native rich Arabs lead a luxurious and opulent life of sex, drugs and alcohol which is contrary to what Islam tries to preach and pretend... and instead funds terror in third world countries with large Muslim populations, brainwash them to stay away from Pork & Alcohol, start Jihad as well as influence the Western governments to go easy on Muslims and push them to adapt Islam into their respective societies - all thanks to their oil money) while the majority of our peace loving, hard working citizens are either ignorant or totally naive to the incoming threat of Islam creeping into their respective democratic societies by way of mass immigration and/or by massive population growth.

    While I am not against genuine refugees needing protection and care.. BUT why should ONLY the Western nations take in Muslim refugees worldwide while the rich Arab Muslim nations do not even in most cases grant PR/citizenship to legal workers who spend their lives working in Middle East! Why this inequality and hypocrisy by the Arab nations? They have all the money to fund worldwide global Islamic terror, bribe FIFA to make them host the upcoming 2022 Qatar Football world cup... but not to take in millions of poor and starving and war torn refugees from their fellow Muslims countries???

    How are we supposed to fight this growing global threat when seemingly all the odds are against us? Be it against the Hindus,Sikhs in India, Buddhists in Myanmar, Thailand or against the Christians in Middle East, Philippines, Nigeria, Western countries... not to mention that the Atheists become the first victims! Truth is.. Islamic ideology cannot coexist with other faiths/ communities. Nowhere we are safe. Can we save ourselves from the inevitable extinction?

    Yet, despite all the hurdles, we must not give up and each and everyone of you have a role to play in this fight.. this struggle. Talk about it, educate your children and friends and neighbors about the evils and hypocrisy of Islam. Form groups to get hold of Pedophile and aggressive criminal Muslims in your neighborhoods, demand harsher laws against them from your respective governments, protest against construction of Mosques and teaching of Islamic culture in our schools and universities..many things can be done...even if small, we each can contribute in our own ways.
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    And DON'T forget Kśatriya abilities for Kurukśetra. Because these people are armed and fight dirty, be prepared to fight dirty as well. Remember there is avoidable adharma, i.e., attacking someone in a unprovoked manner, and unavoidable adharma. One of the requirements of Kśatriya is defense of Dharma. That is excusable. We need people to be educators and more people to join the Indian military. Because of my background, I have no problem being armed.

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    Hopefully Modi's election will have some long term effects. When any aggressive society meets with a more passive peaceful society, the results are disastrous. Unlike other societies that got wiped out completely because of this, we have a couple of advantages. One is sheer numbers, and the other is the ability to pop up all over because ultimately, our knowledge is inside, not in a book. Still it is our duty to be diligent and warn others of programs marry to convert.

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