Uttarakhand floods reasons a Hinduism perspective

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    People of the hill state fiercely opposed the Government authorities decision to shift the Shrine of Mata Dhari to higher altitude. The sole reason for this shift was to save it from getting submerged in the 330 MW hydropower project in Alaknanda which was due to be started soon. The moment was started to oppose the step which would had been layed by keeping aside the Hindu faith and sentiments.

    The shrine is revered as a local deity of the region.

    The News of Governments decision to shift the revered shrine of Mata Dhari Devi resulted in opposition of the local Hindu population in the town from the time.

    The shrine is situated On Rishikesh-Badrinath highway, 19 km from Srinagar(Pauri Garhwal)

    The people protested at srinagar including shrine premises. They protested to lower belt of garhwal division to spread awareness among the people.

    The decision to shift the deity was equally supported and backed by the GVK Company that is carrying out Alaknanda Hydro project of 330 mega watt. They would be coming step had lead anger among and disapprovement among locals, devotees and saints who strongly oppose the decision. Many local organizations participated in the moment to raise the issue. they formed a joint banner for the cause,

    The strong message conveyed by Beena Chaudhary of the Dhari Devi area while talking to The Tribune.says “if due the monopoly of the private company led to shifting of the Dhari Devi shrine from its original place than as a consequence of it in near future more such heritage shrines will come under the knife.these companies are making money by damaging ecological system of the region.we not only want to convey this message among the people but we strongly oppose the moment ”

    These hydro projects have resulted in displacement of local people in big numbers. The Sushil Bhandri from Mandakini river basin expressed shock on the Governments decision which have kept aside the sentiments of local people and is the reason why people are made to migrate from their homeland.

    Another person named Mr bhandari have said that “the local tradition has been under the knife in the name of hydro projects where as if you look at the life of people there is no electricity, no proper education , no health facilities etc for those of who get affected by these hydro projects ”

    These activists approached any person where they could see a little ray of hope. They approched saint Swami Achutyanand jee in Haridwar, who is helping them in making a tableau of the shrine, which will be taken to Allahabad so that a mass consensus gets generated over this issue.

    Former Minister Mohan Singh Rawat ‘Gaonwasi’, who has been lending support to the save Dhari Devi shrine movement as well as bringing many a deities idols to Haridwar for holy Ganga, opined that owing to ecological, cultural and religious importance of the state, a special policy needed to be formulated.

    A Hinduism perspective
    According to the local Hinduism culture it is believed that the dharne mata is ancient Hindu Goddess which protects the temples and all the holy places in the region and displacement of this would lead to disaster in the region, The strangest fact was that the floods occurred just after the . dharne mata diety was displaced from its original place.

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