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    From the search queries and based on some questions on Vastu dosha remedies I observed that, most of the people having defects in South west Direction ( Nairuti or Nairthya ) in their house. South-west (Nairitya) is the abode of Nairuthi Bhagawan, a demon is the owner of this direction. He is the lord of ASURAS (devils)and is more powerful than the other lords and bring good or bad results immediately to the occupants. Being an Asura, he gets angry or become made angry easily and destroys the enemies instantly. He is highly tempered. He will give bold results whether it may good or bad which may great influences in one’s life.
    So we should be more careful while handling South west direction. Here we give some important Vaastu tips on South west direction so as to one can get happiness in house
    The Southwest direction in the house is associated with earth element as per Vaasthu principle. South-west direction has its own significance which makes it best for master bedroom due to its induced dominant and leadership attributes. As per principles of Vaastu for House, the owner of the house should always be given with South-west room so that the person can lead his family well under the control and also this direction grants good decision making power. ( means the South west direction is a Commander and which may gives Good or Bad results depending on its uses) So using this direction properly will get positive results.
    South-west direction should not be extended or left open as this is a heavy direction which has to be balanced with heavy weight so as to reap good benefits from it and it must be in 90 degree in angle. South west is considered ideal for storage, dumping heavy stuff, unused machinery and over-head tank. The extension of this direction yields negative results to residents in the form of bad health, loss of wealth, unnecessary enemies and indulging in escapades etc. South-west should never used to any important areas like Kitchen, Dining hall or Living room.
    Water sources like , Well, Bore well pit or pond , Septic tanks etc., in this direction will give disastrous effects on the occupants in that house. This will affect the dignity, wealth and may lead to suicide also. Drug addiction, drunkenness, gambling, etc., the destruction of families is due to the afflictions of SW direction. The characters of males will be ruined. They are susceptible to Karma diseases like Cancer, T.B., AIDS etc. South west direction is the best for stairs.
    Do not keep South west room vacant or give it on rent, its always better to use for self.
    The most important, likewise North east is the head and South west is the foot for house. If any house has defect in North east and South west direction, its chief and the family will be surrounded by mental tension. Always avoid constructing drawing room and temple in South west direction.

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