Vasthu Ceremony - for laying foundation

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    The ceremony of the laying of the foundation for a building should be performed only during the home when the Deity of the plot (VASTHU PURUSHAN) is well awake. It is guide imperative to follow the presages to be carefully notices when performing the laying of the foundation ceremony.

    The worship during laying the foundation ceremony should be postponed to another auspicious day in any of the following twenty presages are noticed.

    Celebration of the festivals to the regents of the cardinal directions, on the day of the laying the foundation ceremony.
    • Hearing of inauspicious words
    • Thundering in the skies
    • Sight of a fire brand
    • Quarrel with the enemies
    • Grieving of the priest fixed
    • Breaking or/and scattering of a coconut by accident
    • Occurence of menstrual period of the wife
    • Hearing the sound of someone's crying
    • Hearing the sound of the drum beat
    • Toppling the holy waterpot kept for worship
    • Hearing the sound of someone sneezing
    • Scattering of articles meant for worship
    • Sighting of the guests for the function
    • Sight of a weapon
    • Sight of a widow
    • Sight of a snake-charmer
    • Scattering of sparks of fire from the holy fire-pit
    • Scattering of sparks of fire from the cancer
    • Scattering of cotton from an exploding silk cotton pod

    In case another auspicious day is not available in the near future, the function may be continued after performing the appropriate expiatory ceremony for the presage thus noticed.

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