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    Paintings and Photo frames have their own significance in your home. So keeping them in the right place is also important to get the right benefits of Vastu. According to Vastu the North, Northeast and East walls should be decorated with photos, photo frames, mirrors, and photos or pictures of Gods that we worship.

    The best place for placing the wallpaper of natural scenery is northeast as per Vastu.

    If you need to decorate the West, South and Southwest walls use not too bright scenery.

    When you need to place the photo frame of the departed souls of the joint family use the south direction wall.

    Do not place the photos of the departed souls in the pooja rooms as it is considered as inauspicious according to Vastu.

    In common, you can place the photo frames of the living beings in the east direction.

    Do not have the photos or pictures of a crying old woman, war, poverty, depressing pictures, or pictures of people fighting, struggling, angry people, eagles, battle scenes, and carnivorous animals in your home or office .

    Some of the best options are to place the pictures of a group of running horses, sunrise, an ocean, a sea, mountains, waterfalls, gold, laughing Buddha, flowers and laughing children as these photos bring a feeling of peace of mind when you look at them.

    In the South-West direction you can place the photo of Panchmukhi Hanuman for the safety of your home or office.

    For prosperity, you need to do pooja and then place the photo of Goddess lakshmi facing the east direction and that place should not be dark in the day time.

    At the entrance of your home or office you need to place Pictures of mountains in the South direction are better for your home.

    The photo of Lord Ganesha as per Vastu, as when you enter the house you should first see the God. Do not keep the wall of your entrance naked as it indicates loneliness.

    The prayer room should be in the Northeast corner, east corner or in the central portion of the house and the pictures of the god should be placed facing east for auspiciousness and prosperity.

    According to Vastu are good for photos of Landscapes with water, like pictures of lakes and rivers should be on the North and East walls.

    Do not place the photos of Gods in the Bedroom, and any pictures which show death, violence and negative aspects of life in the home or office.

    Place the photos of Swastika and OM on the doors of your entrance, as per Vastu as it helps to keep the spirits and evil away from home and office.

    When you need peace in your home, you need to place some good and positive photos in the south west corner of your living room or bedroom.

    In your childrens bedroom keep the pictures of sunrise, running horse, or Goddess Saraswati in the east direction and make you child sleep with his head in the east.

    To place the trophies, framed certificates of your child in south direction.

    Via: vastu tips

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