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    I said that Vedanta and Science are are working in two individual areas and one cannot or disprove the other. And I said that one should have faith in Vedanta as valid source of knowledge in its field, just as we believe science as valid source of knowledge in physics and chemistry. But interestingly most of the teaching in the Sastras are logical and appear scientific.

    Like in science In Vedanta matter cannot be destroyed or created even by God. According to Vedanta before creation, matter was in unmanifest form and and will go back to unmanifest form during Pralayam, the end of creation. And this is represented by the image of Krishna floating on a leaf in the ocean. Even in science we read of convertion of matter into invisible energy and vice versa.

    In Vedanta everything including the human bodies are the products of five elements called Pancha Bhoothas. They are Akasa or space, Vayu or air, Agni the fire principle, Jalam the water and Bhoomi the earth. Air includes all gaseous things, water all liquids and earth represents all solids. science lassifies the same into 100 or more elements, but the basic principle remains the same.

    In Gita Srikrishna says that everything in the creation works in a cyclic fashion, and gives the example of water cycle with water being evaporated from ocean and falling down as rain and going back to the ocean, and the example of body & all matter being born out of panchabhoothas and going back to nature. Science has shown us others like oxygen cycle, carbon dioxide cycle, and many others. Religion calls the physical laws as divine principles, designate various Devathas as presiding deities, and teach us to propitiate and respect the Gods and not to disturb the equilibrium, which alone is called Dharma. Science calls it protection of environment, but the principle is the same.

    Take a look at the most popular axiom, Jagan Midhya, jagan meaning matter and midhya meaning illusion. which amounts to saying that what we see as world is really not there. Science has proved that all matter is made of molecules, which can be reduced to atoms, then to electrons protons, then sub electronic charges which are in constant motion. Now tell me, how solid is the solid wall we see around us? One Western Scientist, I forgot the name, has compared the electronic charges in vibration to the Nataraja who is supposed to be in vigorous dance all the time.
    Don’t “Big Bang and Big Crunch” of the science sound sane as Srishti and Pralayam of Sastgras? And what about the theory of Singularity, doesn’t it remind us about Adwaitam, which says there is only one REAL THING called Parabrahman within and beyond the so called Creation without no second thing at all! SARVAM BRAHMA MAYAM.

    Hari Om.

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