Vedic Gods: Their Symbolism and Power

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    In Vedas there is a symbol and a power associated with every deity,these deities are the forces of existence which supports this phenomenal universe.These deva-s are not some superhuman entities but rather the different manifestation One Atman.

    Aditi: The goddess of Infinity.
    Agni: Fire;it is the cosmic power of heat and light and the will power united with wisdom.Human will-power is a feeble projection of this power.
    Aryama: The Lord of exalted power.
    Ashvins: The Lords of Bliss and Divine Physicians who render the human body free from disease so that it can accept the divine Prana ,the life energy
    Brhaspati: The power of the Atman;closely related to Brahmasnpati
    Bhaga: Enjoyer and the Distributor of Delight.
    Brahmanaspati: Lord of Vedic Mantra-s,Ganapati.
    Ila: The Goddess of revelations
    Indra: He is the Lord of divine mind and action.In Indian tradition,mind is not a source of of knowledge,it arranges the knowledge to aid action.India battles the evil energies on behalf of human.
    Mahi: Goddess of Vast.
    Maruts: These are Life Energies.
    Mitra: The Lord of Love and Harmony.
    Pushan: The deity of Nourishment.
    Parjanya: The deity of Descending Dynamic Energies.
    Rudra: The force of evolution (Both physical and spiritual)
    Rbhu-s: The Divine Artisans
    Sarama: The Goddess of Intuition.
    Saraswati: The Goddess of Inspiration.
    Soma:The Divine Delight.
    Surya-Savita: The supreme Deity of Light and force.
    Tvashta: Divine formmaker
    Usha:The Goddess of Dawn
    Vastu: Dwelling
    Vayu: Wind;He is the lord of all these Life-energies,Prana which represent the passion,feelings,emotions and abilities.
    Vaishvanara: Universal Divine Will and Force.
    Varuna: The master of Infinities who cannot tolerate restrictive thinking or actions.Only he can cut the three bonds which restrict the three aspects of every human being i.e,,physical,vital and mental.
    Vasu: The master of riches.
    Vishnu: The Lord of all Space-existence.

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