Vegetarian Diet to Help Improve Health

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    A lot of times if a person is not pushed to the edge, one will not try to change one's ways. Illness is totally inevitable if you are not careful, most of all on the way you live your life. Once chronic diseases come, you have to learn to live with them. Will you just give up and not try to find ways to improve your health?

    Here is one woman's story who was given a vegetarian diet to improve her health.

    This woman was totally hard to talk to when it comes to losing weight. She usually got angry when words like exercise, fats and losing weight were mentioned to her. She hated clothes that would not fit her size. No other vices were involved in her life, than bad eating habits. Time did not spare her. First, she became obese then her blood pressure went soaring. Next, she was rushed to the hospital due to complications of high blood pressure, asthma and pneumonia altogether. Later, while admitted, more bad news came; She was diagnosed as diabetic.

    The woman had no choice but to accept the doctor's diagnosis. To make the story short, the doctor insisted that losing weight was the best remedy aside from prescribed medicines. So, thousands worth of medicines were bought. Meat, rice, bread, and high sodium food had to be eliminated. Ice cream and desserts became a taboo. Only olive oil was allowed but still in minimal amounts.

    At first, it was really hard for everyone in the family. They had to spend thousands of dollars for medicine and to make things worse they had to eat the same food as mom. They had to do what they needed to do to support her. As life moved on, they realized that if you get used to low sodium foods, your taste buds will adapt as well.

    Slowly, results became visible. Mom was getting slimmer. After seeing the changes, she was so excited to give away her old clothes and buy new ones. Then they started to bring the weight scale out from its hiding place. Her excitement was really overflowing with the smiles shown whenever she came out from the doctor's office. The progress may have been slow but it was steadily improving.

    She was really applying what the doctor prescribed and improved her health. The medication continues but the quantity is getting lower. Now, whenever people offer meat, she easily declines without hesitation. Saying no to desserts is not a problem anymore. Health and weight is slowly getting better. Now,her choice for food is mostly vegetables. Her lifestyle, along with her attitude, has totally changed for the better!

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