Venerable Mother Mary

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    The concept of Mother Mary has also been taken from another source.

    Around 11th and 12th century AD many nomadic tribes from Rajasthan and Sind in north India were tortured and harassed by the invading Muslims from Arabia and they migrated to Europe by land route. In Europe they are called GYPSIES. They were worshippers of Mother Parvati (a female deity still popular among Hindus in India). When they were travelling through coastal France, the local inhabitants sought their help in overcoming the loss of lives and property due to continuous flooding. The Gypsies kept their deity Mother Parvati in the local church and offered prayers. To the great surprise of all the sea waters receded giving much relief to the local people. They then requested the Gypsies to leave their female deity so that the sea may not disturb them again.

    Thus Mother Parvati, the virgin mother of Lord Ganesh, venerated by the Gypsies or Hindus came to be worshipped in the churches of Europe in the name of Mother Mary.

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