Was karna married ? if yes what is the name of karna's wife & son in mahabharata ?

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  1. Ignorant

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    Today someone told me that karna was married and he also had a son.
    can anyone tell me details about it ?

    waiting for answers.
  2. Aum

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    Karna was married to Vrushali (Satyasen's sister of charioteer clan as per the wish of his adoptive father Adhiratha) who went sati after karna's death
    and Supriya(Nothing much has been talked about her).

    He had nine sons:
    1. Vrishasena
    2. Vrishaketu
    3. Chitrasena
    4. Satyasena
    5. Sushena
    6. Shatrunjaya
    7. Dvipata
    8. Banasena
    9. Prasena
    They all of these took part in the Kurukshetra war.
    Prasena was slain by Satyaki, Shatrunjaya, Vrishasena and Dvipata by Arjuna, Banasena by Bhima, Chitrasena, Satyasena and Sushena by Nakula.

    Vrishakethu was his only son who survived the war.

    After the war when Pandavas were made aware of Karna's lineage, Vrishakethu was offered to be the King of Indraprastha, being the son of their eldest brother. He was under the patronage of ARJUN and took part in various battles that preceded the Ashvamedh yagna.

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