Was the Taj Mahal originally built to be a Hindu temple?

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Was the Taj Mahal originally built to be a Hindu temple?

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  1. rakovsky

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    Several websites and books mention this theory like this one:

    • Was the Taj Mahal originally an ancient Hindu temple?

      A legal case, first brought by six lawyers in Agra in April, claims that the monument famously built by a seventeenth-century Mughal emperor as a tomb for his beloved wife was originally an ancient shrine to the Hindu god Shiva.

      Theories over the Taj Mahal’s supposed Hindu heritage have abounded for decades, albeit well outside the historical mainstream.

      In his 1989 book Taj Mahal: The True Story, revisionist historian PN Oak claimed the monument was built in 1155, decades before the Muslim invasion of India. He said its name is a corrupt form of the sanskrit term “Tejo Mahalay”, signifying a Shiva Temple. However, Oak is the author of many outlandish and discredited theories, including bizarre claims that the Hindus once conquered Italy, and even that Westminster Abbey was once also a Shiva temple. Lakshmikant Bajpayee, the BJP president of Uttar Pradesh state, where the monument is located, said in December that the Taj Mahal was an ancient temple that was sold by Hindu king Jai Singh to Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor widely believed to have built it. "I am not saying this in air but there are documents to prove this," he said.

      Likewise, the Agra court case was filed by lawyer Hari Shankar Jain, who claims to be a sympathiser of the RSS, a Hindu nationalist organisation with close ideological links to Mr Modi's BJP.

    The book TEJO-MAHALAYA (UNTOLD STORY OF TAJ MAHAL): Breath-Breaking Discovery with Massive Evidance to Uncover TajMahal by Manish Pandey, 2014 can be previewed for free in Google Books

    The most interesting claim is that there are many more rooms than would be used to simply make a Muslim mausoleum, and they haven't been opened to the public. There are claims that Hindu artefacts are in the rooms.


    I think that this document discusses it, but I can't read Sanskrit:
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  2. rakovsky

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    For example, one site says:

    The Taj contains many doorways leading to secret chambers . These doorways have been sealed with brick and lime... 2 independent visitors Mr P.N. Sharma and Mr Ganu have had a glimpse of some of those hidden chambers hiding vital evidence of Vedic idols and the rape of the Hindu Taj Mahal.

    SOURCE: http://veda.wikidot.com/taj-mahal-hidden-rooms

    One difficulty though I have with considering the Taj to be a Hindu Temple is that it vaguely looks more like a mosque in its fundamental form, with a central plain dome and four minarets. I know that in the case of the Hagia Sophia cathedral, when the cathedral was converted into a mosque, the minarets were added, so I guess the same could have happened to the Taj. I've also heard that some Hindu temples have towers on the corners like the Taj does, but am not sure. I have trouble findng a Hindu Temple dome with quite that same big round form as the Taj, although I did find some with a round central done:





    Uttarakhand state of India


    The Taj Mahal
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