Ways adopted by Christian missionary to convert Hindus. Are they justified?

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    Biggest problem with Hindu society is that they are totally unaware of traitors, conspirators and their enemies. Robert Di Nobili, a Jesuit missionary from Rome was one among them. He was forerunner in converting Hindus of Madurai, Tamil Nadu? He was born at Rome in 1577 in a family which claimed to be of noble descent. He ran away from home at the age of nineteen and joined the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) at Naples. Having completed his religious studies, he was ordained a priest in 1603. The next year he was sent as a missionary to India. He was made chief of the Madurai Mission in 1606, and worked there till his death at Mylapore in Madras in 1656.
    Robert Di Nobili arrived in India in 17th century. He found that the missionary was able to get little success in conversion process and that also almost exclusively in untouchable and poor class. The Main stream Hindus especially Brahmins were most difficult because of their learning’s and patronage from the general people.
    Robert Di Nobili came forward with a new strategy. He decided that he would disguise himself as a Brahmanas and preach the gospel by other means. The story is well known how he put on an ochre robe, wore the sacred thread, grew a tuft of hair on his head, took to vegetarian food, etc., He start appearing as a Hindu Monk. He read Tamil, Sanskrit and other local language to compose books in Tamil and Sanskrit. He wrote a text which he propagated as the lost Veda, the fifth Veda. Actually it was collection of teachings from bible and he even discovered Jesus Sandhya. When some Hindus suspected from the color of his skin that he was a Christian, he lied with a straight face that he was a high-born Brahman from Rome! His ancestors have shifted from India to Rome and after centuries he has returned to his homeland.
    His efforts based on untruth reaped him some fruits and he was able to convert 24 Brahmins to Christianity and thus the seeds of Christianity was sown in Madurai in Tamil Nadu by his efforts. With the passage of time thousands of Hindus agreed to become sheep for the shepherd Jesus.
    He was exposed by Maxmuller through his writings. Many might be thinking why he was disliked by Maxmuller. Answer is very simple. Maxmuller was protestant by faith sponsored from Britain while Nobili was Roman Catholic by faith and sponsored from Italy. Christian theologians hail him as the pioneer of Indigenization in India and the founder of the first Christian Ashram. But we say it boldly that why Christianity is so weak that it have to start its missions with the help of frauds and untruth. Why cannot it dispel its message by the help of truth and theology?
    House if open for all readers especially Christians to justify the tactics used by them to convert Hindus.

    Dr Vivek Arya
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    I don't think anything justifies coersive methods of conversion. The only true conversion is one that is totally on the impetus of the individual through proper study completely on his own volition.
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    Unfortunately Christian missionaries, especially during the early part of the last century, were not always honest and forthcoming. The idea of Christendom or that we can make society “Christian” was a trapping of the Post-Enlightenment age that is only now being abandoned.
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    (sigh) Unfortunately, it's still true today. Take Samaritan's Purse, for instance. It's totally deceptive on both ends. It's not being abandoned at all, in fact it's growing. The largest 'charity NGOs in India are Christian evangelical sponsored ones with the agenda of conversion.

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