What are Five sheaths & Layers (Pancha Kosha) of Human in Hinduism ?

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    Long before the birth of any medical science, our Rishis knew that our human body consists of 5 layers called Koshas ranging from the dense physical body to the more subtle levels of emotions, mind and spirit.

    These five sheaths are independent of Atman [ the immortal soul ] within the body.
    Hindu temples are constructed to represent five Koshas with the place we place deity is called Garbha Graha. .That is the reason why we have many circles around the temple until we reach the Sanctum.

    Hindu belief is that the body acts as a temple for the soul. Within that soul resides the Supreme Being…………..that soul is immortal and we call that soul ATMAN which is indeed GOD.

    We are the only people in the world, who has such elaborate break down body and mind, long before the birth of Psychology.

    The five sheaths (pancha-kosas) are:

    1. Annamaya Kosha – food sheath

    2. Pranamaya Kosha – air sheath

    3. Manomaya Kosha – mind sheath

    4. Vijnanamaya Kosha – wisdom sheath

    5. Anandamaya Kosha – bliss sheath

    According to Vedanta the wise man should discriminate between the self and the koshas, which are non-self.

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