What are Mantras and how they work ?

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    Kavacha mantras
    Every mantra has a kavacha mantra and hrudhaya mantra. Kavacha mantras contain prayers that seeks to protect us in all respects.Every kavacha mantra is unique in its own way. Kavacha mantras are great boon to humanity given by our rishis. Our life is full of risks. When we analyse the risks that are well known and risks which we are not in a position to imagine about we may find it not possible to remain alert always. Also when astrologers forewarn about any impending difficult times in near future we look forward to some means or tools to face the situation without much damage. Some tantricks give talisman to protect us from difficulties.
    Going to a tantric is also not free from risks, because it is possible that he may like to make busyness out of our difficulties. In these situations Kavacha mantras become very handy and usefull tool for protection.
    When we observe the lives of our saints rishis we can find that they prefer life only in secluded places espcially jungles.They wanted to be free from hassels of regular human life in towns villages and cities. Still they are not free from risks. They may face life endangering risks from wild animals.Of course one can jovially remark that life in cities along with fellow humans may be more dangerous than life with wild animals. Still one will be defenitely seek protection from ferocious wild animals like tigers,lions and elephants etc.
    In these situations kavacha mantras help very much. Once we know the secrecy of Gayatri kavacha and its potential capablity towards protection we will not miss the oppurtunity to miss it. Unfortunately people lack faith on one side and being misguided by so called friends on the other side. This is the malady in kaliyuga.
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    In these situations kavacha mantras help very much. Once we know the secrecy of Gayatri kavacha and its potential capablity towards protection we will not miss the oppurtunity to miss it. Unfortunately people lack faith on one side and being misguided by so called friends on the other side. This is the malady in kaliyuga.
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    There are two important issues for success. Faith in mantra and faith in Guru and following his guidelines. Of course guideline from great texts like Srimadh Bhagawath Githa should also be taken into heart. Guru is a live person whom we can interact with and some principles any related issues which we are not able to easy comprehend can be made easy and symplified by guru.
    Generally it is good that Guru should be a person totally acceptable to all members of family. The desciple should be able to handle any competetive situation successfully in the absence of Guru. Guruji must be able to shape the shisya that way with selfless process. Combination of Guru, shisya,faith,rhighteousness,attitude along with faith in mantra will work wonders and great people are shaped only this way.
    Kavacha mantras also make a person to be himself or herself. They protect from being lured by selfish individuals in sourroundings either relative, friend or any other aquaintance. In this world especially in kaliyuga activities of people are generally influenced by various desire, motivations and selfish purposes in total. Exploitations are rampant. People with knowledge in certain fields tend to exploit innocence of others. People who tend to exploit the other persons always resort to sweet words and flattery. Persons protected by kavacha mantras can easily smell the rat if found himself or herself flattered
    Faith is the most required quality before proceeding on any specific mission. The real mission of every soul born in this world in flesh and blood should getting united with the consolidated soul ie "Parabrahmam" shedding away the need to be reborn in this world called "Mruthyulog"
    Mantra is colourless odourless package of energy which can lift us to eternal bliss. It is a powerfull vehicle for us to travel in the ocean of social life in the mruthyulog which can only deliver distress at the end.
    While travelling we can find and encounter many hindrances and disturbances through fellow creations and it requires our intelligence to ascertain and assess our own mission in this world and over come those disturbances in pursuit of our mission. People who are born in this world and think that they are born only to enjoy what they see here for enjoyments and feel that achievements of tools for their enjoyments are their birth rights also use mantras as tools. But ultimately they only accumulate their karmas and sow seeds for rebirth.
    Recognition of logics behind the analysis of any topic relies much on the acceptablity to the reasoning of common man in respect of that topic. Relevance of mantras to human activities is an issue which I would like to highlight for the benefit of readers. It is my belief that we Indians have lot to contribute to the welfare of inhabitants of this planet but we are lagging behind because of still continuing of persistance of thoughts and cultural minglings of colonial rule. We are not fully Independant yet is what i believe based on our inability to make the world listen to what we have to say. I believe we can come out with wonderfull presentations for the benefit of humanity if we apply our research mind on what is said in our Vedic theories.
    According to Hindu philosophy, when creation was considered after deluge A devine entity called Sri Bhrahma was created first, with directions to proceed with further creations based on concept called "Pancha thanmatras". Sabtam,sparsam,roopam, rasam and Gandham are those pancha thanmatras. So secrecy of creation lies within these fice concepts. Sabtam is sound,sparsam is feelings,roopam is light,rasam is essence and Gandham is smell. Then earth,water,fire,air and space was created to facilitate life and so on.
    Saptam has an inherent capacity to influence all of rest and that is the essence of mantra and its working. When we take a living body there are five fields of activity called "Pancha koshas" in relegious terms. 428th Name in Sri Lalitha Sahasranama says "pancha koshantharasthithaayai nama". Following are the pancha koshas.
    1.Anna maya kosham.2, Prana maya kosham,3,Manomaya kosham,4, Vignaana maya kosham,5,Aanandha maya kosham. Analysis of these five fields will bring out the beauty of creation and funtional relevance of mantras.

    Sri Vidhyaranyar has constructed verses on these pancha koshas.They contain informations on these pancha koshas. I am not interested in quoting those slokas. My effort here is to make the readers to understand what I have understood on those five fields. Creation is of two nature. One is visible and the other is invisible,like sound,smell etc. Body is visible and living body thrives on food. Annam is food and body made of pancha boothas are annamaya kosham. Medical science has gone extensively into that and that science is limited to this kosham only. To some extent it speaks on Manomaya kosha with the nomenclature "Phsycology" . Still it is most attached with annamaya kosham only. All the activities including scientific analysis logics etc come within the purview of Vignanamaya kosham and our science which paves way for "Development" never goes beyond that. It has not even made any effort that way.
    It is my view that if we consider relegion itself is a science and put our faith relegious theories we can peep into anandha mayakosham which paves way for access to knowledge about "Atma" as detailed in Srimadh Bhagawath geetha. Once we have faith relegion gives us a wonderfull tool called "mantra" with some beejaksharas. Practising these mantras gives us access to all areas of creation and finally leads to eternal pleasure or happyness.
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    Mantras initiated by sadhguru help us lift ourselves,improve slowly, to the knowledge of atma and get ourselves reunited with "paramatha" the consolidated soul.In this kaliyuga every thing and all activities revolve around this annamaya kosham only ie body.Because it is the visible structure.
    Though Annamaya kosham is mainly on material side there is spiritual angle also.Its activities can bring benefits to soul and help its mission towards total liberation.There is an inherent link among all the five koshas. The annamaya kosham or body is just like a system like computor,televesion set etc. The pranamaya kosham activates the annamaya kosham by its presence. Presence of pranamaya kosham only ensures readiness of annamaya kosham ie body for activation which becomes live and energetic only through manomaya kosham. Manomaya kosham finds source of improvements through Vignanamaya kosham by gaining knowledge through logistic analysis of various issues.
    Hindu relegioun gives a different name to annamaya kosham ie body. It is considered a "Kshethram". Kshethram means place where the atma is tied up with. In Sridhmadh githa there is a separate chapter called "Kshethram kshethragna vibaaga yoga"

    Body is Kshethram and God within body is Kshethragna
    Once we realise the truths behind spritual side of body we can avoid many difficulties we face in real life. Those details are elobrated in Sri madh Bhagawath Githa
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    The word mantra has two parts 'man', which is the root of the Sanskrit word for mind, and 'tra', which is the root of the word instrument. A mantra is therefore an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. Check out this article which describes in details the significance of reciting mantra. Hope it helps. blog.ishtadevata.com/the-significance-of-a-mantra.html
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    Is ishtadevata website yours ?
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    Mantras properly chanted with feeling and precision, results in the expansion of consciousness.

    By chanting OM, the pranic energy becomes total . This is why Om is chanted before meditation as the greater prana can help to bring about greater awareness.
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    Mantra recitation is considered to be the mother of meditation. With the recitation of a mantra, the mind promptly concentrates on a solitary thought expediting transcendence. By presenting the mantra, smooth meditation is upgraded even while doing ordinary tasks.

    Through mantras, one can truly experience it to be an extension of mantras and simultaneously aids us reach the state of euphoria. But one can't simply practice mantra by reading it out of a book. It is advisable to learn the art of mantra chanting with the guidance of a guru as they will be able to help us understand better the most correct way to recite.
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    Mantras are sanskrit texts. Depending upon which sanskrit texts are repeated will depend upon the effect. To get the effect, a mantra must be pronounced and intoned in the proper manner. Just as singing a song needs to be pronounced and intoned properly to give pleasure to those listening, a mantra must be intoned and pronounced correctly to deliver the proper vibrations and the desired effect. Just as singing a song sets up a series of vibrations which can be either pleasurable or unpleasurable depending upon the talent of the singer, so repeating a mantra properly sets up a series of vibrations, both physical and subtle. Some of the great benefits of Mantras are as follows

    1. Physical benefits:

    By constant chanting and repetition of a mantra, your body gets purified and unwanted toxins are removed. Buy how? Because by constant repetition of the mantra, one is knowingly (or unknowingly) regulating one's breathing patterns and heart-rate. Prana, which is another name for the life-force, is very important for proper functioning of the body-mind complex. By regulating your breath and your prana, you are automatically getting physical benefits.

    2. Mental benefits:

    By constant chanting and repetition of a mantra, you begin to get pure thoughts, good positive energy flows into your Mind. With great positive thoughts, pure thoughts, divine thoughts, your Mind gets purified.This is due to because each Mantra has a meaning and is associated with God. Thus by chanting the Mantra one is knowingly (or unknowingly) thinking benign and positive thoughts, divine thoughts, thereby creating a strong positive force.

    3. Spiritual benefits:

    By constant repetition of a Mantra, one develops renunciation, which leads to liberation, which leads to self-realization or to God. Because by chanting a Mantra with sincerity and devotion, one is knowingly (or unknowingly) putting focus on the Mantra or on God. By putting focus on God, the focus on the World is lost. This leads one to detachment.

    These were some of the key benefits of the mantra. There are many more benefits of mantra that we doesn't understand yet.
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    Is it true that wrong pronunciation of 'mantras' can reverse the affect? It can destroy in place of creation?
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    I am not expert in Hinduism by any means still i try scratching my head and post whatever i feel is right.
    Now coming to your point, yes i have heard that wrong pronunciation of 'mantras can hurt you by bringing in negative effect, thou quite not sure. for other part, i am a complete noab.
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    A mantra is a collection of letters which assists in the acquisition of the favourable and the vanquishing of obstacles. ‘Man’ refers to the mind and contemplation. ‘Tra’ pertains to vital energy and protection.

    At a later level, it means contemplation from which knowledge about the oneness of the entire Universe is bestowed upon a person. Here At this stage contemplation stops and there is dissolution of the mind and cessation of the mantra. The person at this stage acquires liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

    The benefit of chanting a mantra includes benefits such as spiritual progress, destruction of the enemy, acquisition of supernatural powers, nullification of sins and purification of speech.
    Chanting a mantra is not the same as chanting the Name of God. There are many rules and regulations regarding chanting of a mantra which is not the case when one is chanting the Name of God. For example chanting of a mantra has to be done in as aattvik place whereas chanting the name of God can be done anywhere and anytime.

    Spiritual energy generated from a mantra can be used for bad and good purposes. It is just like earning money; how money is used is up to the person earning it.
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    The word “mantra” comes from two Sanskrit words: “Manas” which means mind, and “trai” which means to “free from.” Therefore, mantra means “to free from the mind.” Mantras are powerful vibration tools that can free your mind.
    By constant chanting and repetition of a mantra, you begin to get pure thoughts, good positive energy flows into your Mind. With great positive thoughts, pure thoughts, divine thoughts, your Mind gets purified.
    When the Mind is purified, all the six enemies of the mind - lust, anger, greed, pride, delusion and jealousy - get weakened and lose their grip over you.
  11. A Mantra is a transcendental sound vibration which means it has a special quality which transcends this world of five senses.
    Man – meaning ‘mind’ and Tra - meaning ‘to draw away’.
    By practicing Mantra, we are drawing the mind away from the mundane and focusing on a spiritual sound. Mantras can be repeated quietly in the mind, or softly so that only the person saying it can hear, or loudly so everyone nearby can hear.
    When we begin in the process of Mantra meditation we start to become aware of other realities beyond the five senses.
    A mantra has more than it means to the ear. It is a very special transcendental sound and you will be able to perceive the transcendental nature of a mantra more as you practice it more.
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