What are the 3 core beliefs of hinduism?

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  1. Sumer Ouzts

    Sumer Ouzts New Member

    There are 5 religion in this world and I am here to aware about Hinduism. Hinduism is the worlds oldest religion which has many many ancient things. I would like to know many many.

    I am very interested in Hinduism. Can anybody tell me 3 core beliefs of Hinduism?

    I hope I will get answer of my question.

    Thank you
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  2. Kayoya

    Kayoya New Member

    Nice to see that we are here for same thing. I researched much about Hinduism. It is very vast topic to discuss if we go in deep. If we talk about core beliefs then there are number of beliefs of Hinduism. We can take out one and discuss. But now if we are talking only about core belief then check out below:

    Truth is eternal
    Brahman is Truth and Reality
    The Vedas are the ultimate authority

    The list is endless.
  3. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    Most Hindus will answer differently as we are vast. Some will give philosophy, some will give practical answers, etc. Certainly there are many beliefs. Here is a list of core beliefs common to most Hindus. himalayanacademy.com/readlearn/basics/nine-beliefs

    Personally, mine would be reincarnation, karma, and ahimsa. Of course following dharma is also central.
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  4. garry420

    garry420 Well-Known Member

    There are many belief's in Sanatana Dharma akka Hinduism but if you wish to know about 3 main or core beliefs of hinduism then they are as follows :
    1. Pure Actions
    2. pure Mind
    3. Pure Speech
    Rest if you have any other query please do let me know.
  5. Kayoya

    Kayoya New Member

    Hinduism is one of the oldest religions on this planet and have large no of beliefs as compared to other religion. The three core beliefs of Hinduism are

    Belief in soul that is also called as “aatma”

    Hinduism beliefs that each and every living creature on the planet has a soul, and this soul is further connected to the supreme soul named as “Parmatma”. The human body soul travels to 84 million species before entering to the body.

    The next is Hinduism belief in Karma

    “What we are now is because of our karma in the past life” is the main belief of the Hinduism. The things we do in our life is known as Karma if we do the good things in our life then it will be considered as a good karma and if we do the bad things will leads to the bad karma. The good karma people have the good life and the bad karma people suffer bad life.

    Belief in Reincarnation

    Hinduism normally belief in reincarnation that is the human soul is immortal, at the time of death only the body dies not the soul. The concept of reincarnation is also believed by the other major religion either Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism.
  6. rahul malik

    rahul malik New Member

    The main beliefs of Hinduism are Soul, Reincarnation and Karma (Our deeds).

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