What are the advantages of Meditation?

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    This is question which i see many guys looking for hence i decided to look for answer here is something which i found.
    It is written by Floyd F.

    There are many advantages to meditation... It would help to know what discipline you are applying this technique (Religious, Yoga, Exercise, etc.)

    Nevertheless, meditation is a very excellent way to try and quiet the mind. The mind is very busy indeed both the conscious and subconscious mind.

    It is said that the subconscious mind controls something like 90-99% of our lives. However to experience the subconscious, you need to enter into the Beta or Theta states of consciousness... Meditation is how you can do this.

    A good way for beginners to practice meditation is to Step A. 1. Find a comfortable place to be. 2. There must be quiet (no kids playing, no phones ringing, no TV's Computers or Loud noises (the quieter, the better). 3. Begin by Trying Not To Think Of Anything - Just listen. You will discover just how busy the mind is. You will preferably do this exercise with the eyes closed.

    There are basically two ways to approach meditation, with the eyes open or with the eyes closed (see above) Step B. 1. Begin your meditation with the same criteria as above but this time you will sit quietly with the eyes open. 2. Try to find something to focus on that's in front of you and could hold your attention (You could get a blank sheet of paper and put a quarter size black dot on it, to use as your focal point) 3. Just sit quietly, stare at the dot (only) and try not to think of anything.

    FYI: It is best to begin these exercises in a comfortable sitting position vs. lying down. You will eventually enter into the beta or theta states (optimally) but if you are lying down, it will be too easy to fall asleep, thereby, zooming pass the other states.
    The four states are Alpha (awake), Beta, Theta, Delta (asleep).

    Some Of The Other Advantages:
    1. Get to know yourself better and intimately.
    2. Able to access the Sub-Conscious Mind in order to effect your daily life (You do this by programming the Subconscious with your reasonable desires while in the Theta and also Beta states).
    3. Have better rest and sleep.
    4. Have OBEs (Out Of Body Experiences)
    5. Fantastic Dreams
    6. Soul Searching
    7. Discover Answers to Problems

    There are many benefits, to say the least!
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    1. Reduces the pain

    2. Charges up your life

    3. Steer clear of mental blocks

    4. Makes you mentally tough

    5. Helps you keep cool

    6. Helps you focus

    7. Bulks up the brain

    8.Better focus

    9.Less anxiety

    10.More creativity

    11.More compassion

    12.Better memory

    13.Less stress

    14.More gray matter

    BENEFIT OF MEDITATION:- Only one who has done meditation can understand its benefit and importance. It is easy to do meditation at early age, as mind is not much polluted at the young age and we understand the things as it is without any mis understanding. So, better we start meditation as early as possible.

    Katta Srinivasulu
  3. Meditation helps in

    1. Achieving better physical and mental health

    2. Achieving deep inner peace & lasting happiness

    3. Stress relief and improved sleep

    4. Compassion for others

    5. Achieving harmonious relationship

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