What are the benefits of yoga in the Hindu religion?

Discussion in 'Yoga Forum' started by Sumer Ouzts, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Sumer Ouzts

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    Yoga is very beneficial as we always heard according to Hindu religion. This is basically called meditation and it is found from Indian or Hinduism values and from History. Today also this is very helpful in loosing weight and keeping body fit. Nowadays Yoga is coming to western countries and people are going towards it.

    But I would like to its exact benefits which we avail. can I get my answer from anyone?

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  2. Senthil

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    There are too many to mention, and the 'yoga' in the west is generally only hatha yoga. For a much fuller description of what yoga ism, one should read Patanjalis yoga sutras, where sages are 8 fold, with hatha yoga being the third stage.
  3. Aum

    Aum New Member

    Well i have mentioned pointers that are basically benefits of yoga.
    1. All-round fitness.
    2. Weight reduction.
    3. Stress relief.
    4. Inner peace.
    5. Improved immune system.
    6. Sound mind and body results in better relationships.
    7. Increased energy due to regular yoga.
    8. Better flexibility.
    9. Increase muscle strength & tone's body.
    10. Improves respiration system, vitality and energy.
    11. Protection from injury.
    12. Yoga helps in lubrication of the ligaments, joints and tendons.
    13. balanced metabolism due to yoga.
    14. Regulates the adrenal glands of humans with regular practice of yoga.
    15. It Improves the balance of your body hence healthy and fit life.
    16. Releases tension in the limbs hence helps in keeping your life stress free.
    17. Helps you to focus on your goal and simultaneously helps in concentration as well.
    18. Detoxification is another aspect which happens by regular practice of yoga.
    19. Strong immune system hence allergies & viruses are at bay.
    20. Drains the lymphs & boosts immune system.
    Above all regular practice of yoga keeps your life happy healthy and strong.
    I know there are many more benefits but these are the benefits that came to my mind.

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  4. Kayoya

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    Yoga plays a very important role in the Hindu religion. As without yoga Hindu religion is incomplete. India is known as the ancient country of origin of yoga. As there is a slogan that “there is no yoga without Hinduism and there is no Hinduism without yoga” both are co-related and dependent on each other. India is the country of yoga for many hundreds of years and it is very important part of each and every activity which is directed towards the higher spiritual achievements. Basically yoga is not a religion but it can be easily practiced by a religious people. The yoga can be done by each and every person in the universe as it is their own personal decision for better health and spiritual life. It is not necessary that only Hinduism prefer yoga but the other religion such as Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism can practice yoga.

    Yoga is very beneficial for all the religious people as it helps the human body to stay active and refreshed. Yoga prevents many diseases and it improves the immune system and helps in keeping the mood refreshed. Practicing yoga helps in improving the human nature. There are many big diseases that can be only cured by practicing yoga.

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