What are the clothing of Hinduism?

Discussion in 'History' started by Sumer Ouzts, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Sumer Ouzts

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    Basically being an atheist , I see there is no clothing boundaries to me from my atheism, But I have known majority or religions have dress codes or some clothing that they need to wear..I am seen some people wearing saffron clothes with hair tail ..is that dressing code for Hindus.

    I am very keen to know what are the clothing that one should wear if he starts following Hinduism.
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  2. Senthil

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    There are no hard and fast rules other than modesty. Traditionally, women wear saris or salwar kameez, and men wear dhoti or kurta/pajama. We are a modest culture.
  3. garry420

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    Now to let you know that Hinduism does not have any dress code and you have complete freedom of wearing dresses that you want.
    But due to color effect on Human mind and acts it is sometimes suggested different colored clothes for different occassion.
    Sari is something with is traditionally attached to Hindu customs but Ghaghra Cholis (Lehengas) is also part of Hindu custom.
    when it comes to man Dhoti Lungi and Kurta are something that are associated with different events in Hindu Customs.
    For a married women red dot (bindi) and vermilion is a compulsion as it represents her husbands long life.They also have to wear a mangalsutra(around her neck) which is sign that she is married
    Men many times have to have sikha or hair tail or choti which is a tuft of hair on back of their head.

    Kings were asked to have golden clothings in ancient times.
  4. Kayoya

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    Hinduism is basically depends on the tradition, culture and belief system, normally Hindus have their special requirements that are based on tradition, culture and belief systems. The dress code is the main requirement among all. Hinduism doesn’t have any dress code, dresses varies according to their traditions. There are forehead markings used by the man and women of the hindu culture as a married women have the red dot on the forehead which is named as “bindi” in the tradition and men use to have religious marking which is known as “tilak” on their forehead. But the today generation has totally changed as the tradition has become the fashion; girls also use to have colorful bindis on their foreheads as it has become fashionable among them.

    The clothing of the Hinduism is also depends on tradition, some of the men use to wear a dhoti kurta. The hindu women wear sari as their traditional dress and also in some parts the salwarkameez is preffered. According to the tradition at the time of worshipping the Hindu women cover their heads with their chunny or dupatta.

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