What are the countries of origin for Hinduism?

Discussion in 'India' started by Sumer Ouzts, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Sumer Ouzts

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    India is the key country of Hinduism but there are different other countries we can say branches where Hinduism grew. Hinduism also has other names such as vaidhika dharma, Sanatan Dharama and others.

    Now Hinduism is scattered to all over the world but can anyone tell me the origin countries of Hinduism.

    Expecting my answer.

    Thank you
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  2. Senthil

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    India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.
  3. garry420

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    When it comes to origin of Hinduism, I might disagree with many, as Sanatana dharma is not a religion to have origin or destruction.
    If you are looking at history the nearest remains of Hinduism were found in sub-continent which includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan Nepal etc.
    But recent excavations have seen that remains of Hindu history can be seen in other parts of world, Hence i would say that their is no particular country or countries where we can say that Hinduism originated from that region.
    Hinduism is universally originated religion (if you term it as religion) who lost its history over the time.

    I hope i have answered right
  4. Kayoya

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    Hinduism is one of the ancient-most religions in the world according to the scholars. India is the country with 800 million Hindu people across the world. More than 50 million people from the Indian origin lives in different part of the world such as in Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, America, Britain and south Africa. Other religions have their organized structure and nature but Hinduism doesn’t have and organized structure and nature, even though its major attributes is that it is an open religion that is the way toward life. Hinduism is defined as the “Style of Life”. The Hindu people have their own life style whether they are at any origin or at any place of the world.

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