What are the difficulties of being Hindu in America?

Discussion in 'American Forum' started by Sumer Ouzts, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Sumer Ouzts

    Sumer Ouzts New Member

    I am not an American but what i know is that America is a Christianity country. does being hindu in that country bring in any problem in life's of Hindus ?
    I certainly believe that it doesn't but still i would like to know the real facts out from Hindus living in the region.

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  2. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    I don't see any problems. If you're Hindu, it's easy anywhere, because Hindus have a great ability to adapt. No point whining about the circumstance you're in, because we believe in karma.
  3. Aki Isoda123

    Aki Isoda123 New Member

    With an approximated 870 million supporters around the planet and text messages going back centuries, Hinduism is one of the biggest and most well-established faiths.

    But with many those supporters still in Indian, there are parts around the globe, such as the United States, where Hinduism is a comparative unidentified.
    "To be Hindu in The united states is much more an deliberate option than it is in Indian. "Even if you're first creation, you have to choose if you perpetuate it or if you just type of let it go."
  4. deafAncient

    deafAncient New Member

    Namaste Sumer,

    Let's back up... America is NOT a Christian nation. Even the Treaty of Tripoli tells you that. The First Amendment tells you that. That is a common argument that Christians try to make to justify calling America a Christian nation. It was not intended to be PRECISELY because of the experience the founding fathers had at the hands of the Church of England and the religious wars in Europe, particularly in France. They did NOT want to bring that war here to the New World.

    Given that basis, the situation appears to be different here than in India, because while it's a small percentage of the population, still, the community here is very strong. There are temples in nearly all of the big cities, we don't have to worry about FOIL here (FOIL - Forum of Inquilabi Leftists consisting of Christian missionaries, Communists, and Muslims attempting to wipe out SD in India), and we don't have to worry about Pakistan trying to reach all the way over here like they could India. Most Sanātanis/Dharmis live in the big cities, because that's where the jobs are, though there are a few in the small towns, like doctors, medical specialists, university educators, and petroleum engineers/managers. Plus, they'd rather not have to drive 50-100+ miles each way to go to temple (I drive 30 miles each way, mostly on sub-55-MPH back roads in the country). Given our history here as opposed to India, it is very safe here with very rare cases of "dot-buster" crimes like that occurred in NJ many years ago. In the big cities where you tend to find Indians, you will find more of those in areas that are more tolerant of Sanātanis/Dharmis, or even accepting of them. Sure, there's the issue of being a small minority in that some people might stare at the clothes or bindi, but they won't give you problems. Also, you will feel like you either stick out or don't feel you belong. That is okay. Just balance the work life (dealing with people from different backgrounds) with your time spent with fellow Sanātanis/Dharmis.

    A lot of Indians come here because there's more opportunities, with latitude and up and down movement than there seems to be in India.
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  5. PriyaPyaar702

    PriyaPyaar702 New Member

    I dont face any issues being a Hindu in America, but being white and Hindu is a little different. Only because people see me wearing or doing things and make comments about doing things for fashion and what not. If they know Im Hindu, they dont think twice about it. So I think its not a religious thing in the U.S., its mostly a cultural thing. :)
  6. RebornHindu

    RebornHindu New Member

    I have gotten looks from people being Hindu in America. Like PriyaPyaar stated, it is because I am a race other than Indian and a Hindu. When people learn that I am of the Hindu faith, they start to understand. Mostly the people here in America that give the looks are Indian. lol It could be just in my state. :/
  7. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    I've been to a ot of temples in America, and I doubt that it is your state. I rarely get stared at. If it is, its often by newcomers to America who just aren't used to white Hindus that much.

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