What are the essential elements of Hindu philosophy?

Discussion in 'Hindu Temple' started by Sumer Ouzts, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Sumer Ouzts

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    Philosophy is core of any religion and it is something which helps us understand the religion in easiest possible manner. I have always know the philosophy of many religions here in the west but east remains something unexplored for me, I was always found of buddhism and Hinduism as far as i know they give space to person who doesn't believe in god much.
    Hence i would to know what are the essential elements of Hindu Philosophy or Hinduism.

    I hope i get answers in points as they are easy to read and understand

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  2. Senthil

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    I think you should read some basic books on it. 'What is Hinduism?' by Himalayan Academy is an example.
  3. Aki Isoda123

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    The substance “Hindu philosophy” is uncertain. Minimally it appears for a custom of Native Indian philosophical considering. However, it could be considered as assigning one extensive philosophical doctrine, distributed by all Hindu thinkers. The phrase “Hindu philosophy” is often used generally in this philosophical or doctrinal feeling, but this utilization is deceiving. There is no individual, extensive philosophical doctrine distributed by all Hindus that differentiates their perspective from opposite philosophical opinions associated with other Indian spiritual motions such as Buddhism or Jainism on problems of epistemology, metaphysics, reasoning, values or cosmology.
  4. Shri Vrindavan Dham

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    If you want to learn Hindu philosophy for interest, you can read Veda. The objective of Veda was to give a path of living for the humans who lived on the banks of numerous rivers. Now the primary regulations will still be applicable, but do not know if we have a big objective to do that recitation without being aware of the meaning. if you want to know the meaning, it may be needed to understand Sanskrit.

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