What are the Hindu beliefs about brahman?

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    Hinduism has different castes like kshatriya, shudra, and many others and Brahman is one of them. All castes has different values and beliefs.

    Brahman are above class caste. Can anyone tell me about brahman and their beliefs?

    Waiting for some good and valuable replies....:)
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    It is challenging to allocate a dogmatic orthodoxy to Hinduism. Many modifications have designed from Hinduism over the decades, and many non-Hindu cults and spiritual motions obtained their motivation from Hinduism. Even in Native indian nowadays, the most traditional sections of Hinduism have modified considerably over the last three million decades.

    One of the earliest factors of Hinduism is as much public as spiritual, and that is the caste program. It is essential comprehend the caste program before sampling into Hindu faith. According to Hindu educating, there are four primary castes, or public sessions. Each caste has its own guidelines and responsibility for residing. The top level caste is the Brahman, or preacher caste. Second are the Kshatriyas, or fighters and kings. Third are the Vaisyas, or suppliers and farm owners. Lastly, it all caste is the Shudras, or workers. Outside the caste program are the untouchables. The untouchables are the outcasts of Hindu community. Though banned in Native indian in the Forties, the untouchables are still a very actual aspect of Native indian community. One does not get choose his or her caste – that issue is made the decision when one is created into a particular caste.

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