What are the Hindu values?

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  1. Aki Isoda123

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    Hinduism is the most kind culture as compared to others. It has many more things to know and to apply in the life. It value and concept towards life is very positive. I want to know Hindu values in brief. Can anybody help me know?

    Waiting for positive replies. :)
  2. Senthil

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    Here is a link to the famous restraints and observances: theyamasandniyamas.com
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  3. garry420

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    I will make Hindu values simple first.

    1. Live let live
    2. Don't hurt others
    3. Do selfless deeds

    Now coming to goals(also called as Purusharthas) that are part of Hindu Values they are as follows :

    Dharma (Virtue)
    Artha (Money, wealth and profit)
    Kama (desire)
    Moksha (Emancipation).
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  4. Ignorant

    Ignorant New Member

    I would say that Hindu values always revolves around karma , do the right deeds or karma and live good and happy life.
  5. yamada

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    Hinduism is a wide and powerful religious beliefs. It worships one Superior Fact (called by many names) and instructs that all spirits eventually recognize Fact. There is no everlasting terrible, no damnation. It allows all authentic religious paths-from genuine monism ("God alone exists") to theistic dualism ("When shall I know His Grace?"). Each spirit is totally able to discover his own way, whether by commitment, austerity, relaxation (yoga) or non selfish support. Pressure is placed on forehead praise, bible and the Guru/disciple custom. Celebrations, pilgrimage, chanting of sacred hymns and house praise are powerful methods. Really like, non-violence, excellent perform and the law of dharma determine the Hindu direction. Hinduism describes that the spirit reincarnates until all karmas are settled and God Understanding is accomplished.

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