What are the key beliefs of Hinduism ?

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    If someone is not a Hindu then he/she has to do deep research. Hinduism has numbers of beliefs and an action also show his belief, thought and attitude.

    I am really very interested to know about Hinduism culture ore religion. Can anybody tell me Hinduism key beliefs?


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    Here's a link that keeps things simple. himalayanacademy.com/readlearn/basics/nine-beliefs
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    The key beliefs of Hinduism are listed below :
    1. Hindus believe in a one god with many names and powers so , Hinduism is both polytheistic and monotheistic
    2. Hinduism believe in vedas (4 vedas) as supreme
    3. Hinduism believes in cycle of life wherein even universe goes through never ending cycle of birth, preservation and death.
    4. Hindus are firm believer of karmic law (every action has equal and opposite reaction)
    5. Reincarnation{energy(body) can neither be created nor be destroyed but it can be changed from one form(body) to another }is another thing that Hindus firmly believes in
    6. Hindus believe in moksha which means liberation from the cycle of birth and death
    7. Hindus believe in spiritual teacher which guide them with the steps of liberation.
    8. Hindus believe in nature's cycle and live in accordance to it where in even plants and are respected and prayed to
    9. Hindus believe that every aspect of nature is important and should be loved and accepted
    10. Hindus believe that all religions are equal and lead to same god.
    I hope these cover major aspect of Hinduism
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    Hinduism is not an structured religious values and has no individual, methodical strategy to educating its value program. Nor do Hindus have a easy set of guidelines to adhere to like the Ten Rules. Regional, local, caste, and community-driven methods impact the presentation and exercise of values throughout the Hindu globe.

    Yet a typical line among all these modifications is perception in a Superior Being and sticking to certain ideas such as Fact, dharma, and seo. And perception in the power of the Vedas (sacred scriptures) provides, to a huge level, as the very meaning of a Hindu, even though how the Vedas are considered may differ significantly.
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  5. rahul malik

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    Hinduism beleives in Soul, this is one of the major belief.
    Beleif in one supreme god .
    Belief in endless cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution.
    Hinduism believes that soul reincarnates, going through many births until karmas are resolved and moksha is attained.
  6. iandkrsna

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    Religion includes four primary subjects:
    (1) pious activities
    (2) economic development
    (3) satisfaction of the senses
    (4) liberation from the material bondage.
    Religious life is distinguished from the irreligious life of barbarism. Indeed, it may be said that human life actually begins with religion.
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