What are the main celebrations of Hinduism?

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    There are 5 religion but from all of them Hinduism is the only one which has huge amount of festivals and celebrations. Hinduism celebrate their each festivals which fullest. For every festival they have special dress and rituals to do.

    Can somebody tell me mail celebrations of Hinduism?

    Waiting for some good replies.
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    The Major festivals and celebrations of Hinduism that are observed by Hindus by large are as follows:

    • Holi -This festival is celebrated and played with colors and spring
    • Shiva Ratri and Mahashivaratri - This is said to be sacred night dedicated to lord Shiva
    • Rama Navami - It is the birthday of Lord Shri Rama
    • Krishna Jayanti - It is the birthday of Lord Shri Krishna
    • Raksābandhana - This is special festival dedicated to brothers and sisters where in sister tied raksha bandan (thread of protection) in the hand of her brother
    • Kumbh Mela - This pilgrimage occurs every 12 years to four cities in India
    • Ganesha-Chaturthi or Ganesha Utsava) - This is festival celebrated for Lord Ganesh
    • Dusshera - This festival is celebrated as mark of victory of truth over lie i.e. Rama won over demon king Ravana
    • Navaratri - This festival is celebrated as mark of goddess Shakti
    • Diwali - This festival is also called as festival of lights and it is dedicated to goddess Laksmi (mark of prosperity and good luck )

    Apart from this there are many regional hindu festivals that are celebrated in various part of sub-continents including nepal, India, pakistan, bangladesh sri lanka etc..
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    Come on these are basic questions how can anyone ask such easy questions.
    Diwali, Dassera, and Holi are three festivals that almost everyone know about it .
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    I celebrate the festivals of Thai Pongal, Thai Pusam, Skanda Shasthi, Vinayaka Vitrayam, New Year, as well.
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    The public interaction of Hindus is stuffed with festivities - joyful events that allow them to come together as a group and enjoy their typical lifestyle. Here're some of the most well-known Hindu festivals.
    1. Diwali - festival of lights
    2. Holi - festival of colors
    3. Krishna Janmashthami
    4. Ganesh Chaturthi
    5. Shiv Ratri
    6. The Onam Carnival
    7. Vasant Panchami
    8. Guru Purnima
    9. Karwa Chauth
    10. Bhai Dooj
    11. Vasanta Navaratri
    12. The Kumbh & Ardhkumbh
    13. Durga Puja, Dusshera & Navaratri
    14. Rakhi
    15. Winter Festival

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