What are the main differences between Hinduism and Christianity?

Discussion in 'Christianity Forum' started by yamada, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. yamada

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    Hinduism and Christianity are very apart from each other. These both has very different values and beliefs. I am christian but I am very interested to know about Hinduism. I know very clearly about Christianity but can anybody tell me difference between both of these religion?

    waiting for positive replies......
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    I'm not sure why you want to know about Hinduism, and why this particular forum. There are lots of on-line resources about Hinduism.

    But I'll give you my personal thoughts. Remember. these are just the thoughts of one Hindu. There are many huge differences, as you know, but I'll just give some major ones.

    1)Jesus - While Christians believe there is only one way to salvation, and that is through Jesus, we Hindus have 3 ways of thinking about him: 1) He was a famous holy man, but not the Son of God, 2) He is totally irrelevant, and 3) He didn't even exist.

    2)Heaven/Hell versus reincarnation, and moksha - Christians believe one of two things happen at death, while Hindus believe all souls reach moksha, but it may take many lifetimes.

    3)Ahimsa - Hindus believe we are of the world, part of the world, and integrated into it, whereas Christians believe that God gave us dominion over the world.

    4) Exclusivity/Inclusivity Christians believe theirs is the only way, while Hindus believe all paths are valid.

    What is more interesting than the beliefs themselves, in my opinion, is how such beliefs affect the way we behave. For example, from number 2, Hindus tend to be more patient than Christians, because we get a second chance, whereas Christians get only one chance. In number 4, it fosters hate and proseltysing, versus love and tolerance for us.
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    If you are talking about main difference are as follows :
    Christianity is religion and hinduism is dharma
    Jesus is a hoax and krishna is reality
    Christian Missionaries are conversion mongers and hindus don't believe in conversions.
    Jesus says "My father up their guides me" and Krishna says "I am the seed giving father"
    Anyone not following Christianity will go to hell as per bible and everyone who does good deeds will goto heavens irrespective of faith (if there is any heaven)

    There are hundreds of differences but these are main.

    Jai Shree Krishna
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    Hinduism is pantheistic, not theistic. The doctrine that God designed the globe out of nothing rather than originating it out of His own content or merely forming some pre-existing content is an concept that basically never happened to anyone but the Jewish people and those who discovered it from them. Everyone else either believed of the gods as place on the globe (paganism) or the globe as aspect of God (pantheism). whereas Christianity believes come from private magical experiences; Christianity believes come from public details documented in a book and described in a creed. In the Eastern, human encounter validates the Scriptures; in the European, Bible most judges encounter.
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