What are we all looking for in life ?

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    Every individual is busy working hard to fulfill his or her goals some long term and some short term. One is trying to sell a house while another is searching to buy a house. While one is struggling to get married while the other is trying to get of the wedlock. Even though these goals are opposite in nature, and changing from time to time, and innumerable in number,they all can be catogorised into three fundamental and universal objectives. They are security, peace and happiness.

    The first one the desire for security and survival and consequent yearning for food and shelter is fundamental. Right from birth we have the sense of insecurity. That is why every child holds on to the saree of the mother. Every type of insurance indicates our crave for security. The second universal goal is our desire for peace. Don’t we see people running away from their own homes and even from countries in search of a peaceful life? The third basic and natural goal is desire for happiness, desire of enjoyment, desire for ananda or fulfillment.

    Now the scriptures ask, “Have you succeeded?” If so, everyone would have stopped running at one point of time. But in life we see people struggling till their last breath. You build a house for your security and then start worrying about its security. You employ a security guard who wants to secure himself with arms. Then you work for the safety of those arms … It goes on and on. You accumulate wealth thinking that money alone can gives total security. But the saying goes, “Money can buy comforts but not any peace, money can buy house but no home, money can buy bed but no sleep”.

    Even peasce is elusive like mercury. Swamiji tells a story of an acharya maintaining an asram. It seems a visitor was looking for him and asked a resident where he could find the swami. The answer was, “Swamiji has gone to a nearby asrama for peace of mind.” This may be just a story but you can understand the reality behind the story part.

    What about happiness, will I not be happy with that car I have been dreaming for years, or with the spouse I have been longing for, or with the luxury apartment in Hollywood. If I had been fulfilled , why would I change cars, change houses and even spouses?

    The unfortunate thing is that this chain of desires and running after them itself has kept me busy that I never stop and wonder if I am going in the right direction or not. It is like the fate of the man travelling in a city new to him. He boarded the bus of a particular number as guided by a friend after making sure the bus number is correct. but found he never reached intended destination, because instead of north bound bus he took the south bound one.

    The Sastras say that the first step for realizing permanent security peace and happiness is to recognize that now you are not in the right direction. This is like diagnosing the disease, which is the most important step for the cure. Then the Scriptures add, “if you are happy with yourself, not depending on any thing or any person, congratulations. Keep it up. But if you have not found the anser for permanent security peace and happiness, come to me for the solution”.

    Hari Om.
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    What we all are exactly looking in life is peace and inner satisfaction.We all are working hard for earning money but by money we can't get peace happiness. Even though money is neccesary for us but in addition to that we always look to do things which gives us happiness, the inner satisfaction, peace such as by helping the needy ones etc.

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