What does the Bible say about Astrology?

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    As every religion has its own theory and concept of the Creation as the work of their gods, Bible too explains that the God is their Creator and He had created everything in the Heaven. The heaven as well as the stars in it is the creation of the God and it is considered to be the “handiwork” of Him, as mentioned in the Psalm 8:3, 19:1. Not only the creation of the stars, but also the naming of each of the stars is also attributed to the God, Psalm 147:4.

    According to the Bible, the stars along with the moon and the planets create quite some significance in the lives of the people. Although the stars do not have any “hidden” purposes, they were created to denote some “signs”, which were later considered to be the zodiacs of individual person and also to define or denote the “seasons” that is to say, to denote time.

    However, the signs initially referred only to the indicators or navigators for helping people to determine the direction and not for anything else. It was quite later that the practice of astrology came into being. In the court of the Babylonian kings, the astrologers and stargazers have always been condemned. Nothing relating to the occult, the practice of telling omens, predicting future and the concept of being controlled by some mere planets, stars and constellations have ever been encouraged by the Bible.

    According to the old scriptures or Deuteronomy, any practice of worshiping the “host of heaven”, Deuteronomy 4:19, was forbidden and considered a sin. And every time the people of Israel have committed this sin of entertaining the occult, they have been punished and condemned by the God. The Bible mentions that the stars should be considered as an instrument for awakening wonder and not for knowing the future. Any kind of predictions according to the bible is an absolute dismissal of God’s plan and trying to interfere in God’s plans for us.

    The stars should be considered as an instrument to evoke our awe and be wondered about the powers of God and what he is capable of doing. The wisdom or knowledge of God lies in His infinitude and trying to discover what He has settled for us is a sin. Therefore, the Bible says that the stars and the planets and the moon as well as the other heavenly bodies should be considered as a way to calculate the positions or directions of everything as well as to calculate time. They do not have any other significance.

    According to Bible, astrology is a so condemned and sinned practice and hence, there is no point of practicing it. And those who do are absolutely sinning and hence should be punished. In different stories and scriptural incidents, all those sections where the occult is practiced, where the astrology is practiced and entertained, there are clear indications that God has punished them. This is the concept of astrology in terms of Christianity.

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